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  • galantfoxjr galantfoxjr Oct 23, 2007 11:18 AM Flag

    PFE is not MRK or GSK

    I agree with disher-slush. I and the rest of the world except for you are interested in one thing only, stock performance. That is what puts food on the table and is a direct and true indication of investors' confidence in a particular company. Merck stock is up over 50% for the last two years while PFE stock over the same time period is down and this is in spite of all of the Vioxx litigations that Merck has had to face. What's the reason? It is simply investor confidence. You can quote all of the rosy earnings numbers that you want but apparently the investors are noat impressed. They are much more interested in the potential for continuous, sustained growth achieved by the timely introduction of new drugs that show real value for improving people's health. Apparently the investors fell that MRK can 'cut the mustard' and PFE can not which is reflected in the stock performance of these two companies. MRK investors have been treated recently to potential blockbuster diabetes and cancer drugs and PFE investors have been hugely disappointed with the Torcetrapib and Exubera flops. It appears to be a no-brainer regarding which of these two companies has been the better investment over the last two years. Sadly PFE should be the big Pharma gorilla in this arena with an annual 8 billion dollar R&D budget to spend but instead its a wimp ala Torcetrapib ("It's not a question of if but when"), Exubera, and other major flops. Don't get me wrong. I am a much biger investor in PFE stock than you are and nothing would please me more than to see the PFE stock price go in the right direction. However, I am also a realist and I don't buy into the theory that all the investors out there are wrong and you are right as you would like for us to believe. I am convinced it is the other way around. You are the one who is delusional.

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    • Agree with you totally. Torcetrapib and Exubera have cost approximately 4 billions of cash in last 2 years, and all these money were written off from the book. The management team at PFE are no brainer, and need to be replaced immediately. It is time to vote them out.

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