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  • gooburpeez gooburpeez Nov 6, 2007 2:14 PM Flag

    I knew that $25, $26, $27, $28 & $29 were resistance


    levels, but who knew $24 was one, too?

    Can $23 be far behind?

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      chrt13's Checklist of Pfizer stock price goals posted 10-Jan-08 02:15 am
      1) Hold above holiday-season lows.

      2) Break above the latest two-to-three-week trading range.

      3) Vault the 50-day simple moving average line.

      4) Move above the seven-month intermediate-term downtrend line that currently comes in at $24.28 and is declining at the rate of just over two cents per session. This goal is only 36 cents away and could be attained as early as tomorrow.

      5) Move above the Dec. 7 closing high of $24.40 and then above the Oct. 31 close of $24.61 from whence the stock plunged to its 16-month closing low of $22.30 on Nov. 26 in the wake of renewed credit-crunch fears.

      6) Move above $25.58, the last major interim high seen on Oct. 5.

      7) Finally breach the incredible 7.5-year long-term downtrend line connecting intraday highs of $49.25 on 7/12/00 with $38.89 on 2/6/04. The line came in at $27.56 at year-end 2007 and is coming donw at the rate of 24.4 cents per month. By midyear, the line will be down to $26.11 and by the end of 2008, it will be down to $24.66.

      8) Make a new 52-week high for the first time since early February of 2004. Any price over $27.73 will accomplish the feat. It can also be accomplished by the stock reaching $25.72 or more after July 17 unless there has been a prior rally which was halted between $25.72 and $27.73. In that case, a later move above the high point would put Pfizer on the 52-week high list.

      9) Breach $29 on a closing basis and $29.21 on an intraday basis. Those prices have kept Pfizer's stock in check for over three years.

      10) The cherry on the sundae will be Pfizer having a print at the Baskin-Robbins price. $31 should be seen no later than 1/31/09.


    • You blithering idiot! You confused two entirely unrelated posts!

      I said I added an average of 15 cents per year to EPS for 2010, 2011 & 2012, after subtracting out losses. That has absolutely nothing to do with YOUR idiotic forecasts for the 2004-07 time frame.

      Starting from $2.37 for 2005 & applying your then predicted "acelerating double digit growth", you get at the very least $2.61 for 2006 (10% gain) & $2.89 for 2007 (11%), as has already been shown to you here, when you falsely accused others of lying, when in fact, as always, you're the guilty party!

      Quit trying to deny & weasel out of what was plainly implicit in your 2004 "numbers", if not stated outright.

    • The relevant parts of the report were posted here by someone, unlike me, who is willing to violate the terms of his agreement with his brokerage & publish private research. That's theft. Pay for a report that has a huge impact on your main retirement investment.

      Everyone who matters on the Street is convinced, correctly, that PFE's earnings will plummet after loss of Lipitor & other patents early next decade.

      Only as big a fool as you would presume to "invest" based on your insane imaginings rather than on what those with billions & billions of dollars to invest think & know.

      You should have a full-service broker who provides analysts' reports on line for free, in any case.

      Facts are stubborn things. The FACT is that at this moment, the current analysts' consensus for 2012 is $2.01, not $2.15, $2.15, $2.25, $2.35 or $2.45 & most certainly not $2.55. What you think about PFE five years from now matters even less than what you think about it right now, which is already less than zero.

      Learn how to invest, for the love of the God of Abraham!

    • I just posted based on annual average 15 cents per share gains.

      You've been shown the actual GS & C numbers here over & over again. How many more times do you need to see them? Get their reports & read them!

      Here again & for the last time from me, to the closest billion are the figures used by C, the higher 2012 estimate:

      Revenues from current drugs still on patent then: ~$38 B
      Revenues from acquisitions: ~$4 B
      Revenues from pipeline drugs: ~$3 B
      Revenues from current drugs off patent: ~$2 B.
      Total: Over $47 B.

      IMO these are all highly optimistic assumptions.

      Get the reports & read them, fool!

    • Not only was $23 resistance soon to follow, but now PFE is in too deep a hole to get out.

      It should trade $20-25 for the next two years. Strong resistance at $24, $25 & $26, followed by impenetrable resistance at $27, $28 & $29, on a sustained basis.

      Also, even should the Dow get back to 14,280, PFE will at best then trade around $25.30 or less.

    • > There's no need on this board for character assassination. When a person gets hung up on name calling, it points to the fact that he is defeated and has nothing else to add.

      dee_j_vee, you are talking to the wrong person.

      You need to talk with ruffturd. Here is a medley of ruffturd's posts:

      Damn Booger you can rant with the best. BUT. What has any of your rant to do with getting poor Goober outta those wet panties and into some dry one, prior to him becoming sick and smelly? Nasty bunch of piss ants, they are! I guess the web's not working for either of you jack wads! Another day then! Piss off! GO TO HELL! You piss ant Little girls scream, stomp their feet. Pebble Perfect, the old fag starts his screaming like a little girl when she does'nt get her way Sounds tasty, but will it make you lick yourself and then drag your ass across the lawn till your asshole bleeds? Thanks for the warning dog shit You're still a shit for brains and that ole goat Pebby too! these girls you are playing with on the PFE board are a bunch of pussies? Don't know your plans, but the next time you're in Vegas, please give my regards to Nellie. Well where are you Pebs? Is it dark? Does it stink like shit there? You're up Mamms ass, you old fool. ROFLMAO. Whoa Nellie Just as I figured Mammooooooooooo. You disappoint me, but I expected it. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Tell me a fairy tale, akin to the one you posted on the TYC board. Now don't make it about Goober, we already know he's a fairy! LMAO! No body! I mean nobody! Loves ole Chart like Goober! That's a lie. Clint loves the ole boy, but only for his investment abilities! Then there is Pebblehead, the originial Chart cheerleader. Betty Ford Clinic.Check it out! You not only need it, you require it! When you check in, say hello to Pebbles You're sicker and much more drunken than I had first thought and you're not getting any better. How's the Hotpanera, ORDAINED boycott of you working out? LOL. Looks like Pebblehead used up all his drunken shit on you and switched ID's? The old fool Heel bitch! EOS! LMAO. Speaking for everyone huh, you dumb MF! Now heel you dumb SOB

      Neat, huh?

    • You really don't understand what moves the stock. Hedge funds, mutual funds and institutional investors read all the research on the Street (including Ryan) and they use the research, technicals, sentiment and gut feelings to trade the stock. Pfe's policy of raising the dividend each December and estimates of the quantum of the raise, appears in many of these research reports. IF traders thought that there was any significance to a 5% yield and that a minimum increase of .08 is coming next month, they would pounce on the stock now. They're not getting their guidance from Reuters or Cramer (who to my knowledge never commented on the dividend). When traders expect something to happen in a month, they act ahead of the event. That they allowed the stock to yield 5.24% at yesterday's close, once you reflect tomorrow's ex-div and a .31 quarterly dividend for .08. is of great moment. Anyone who believed that 5% was a floor would pounce. The marginal buyer in large quantities would move the stock to the floor level. Individual investor buying or selling wouldn't trump purposeful buying based on a floor. It's not happening because nobody thinks there is a 5% floor.

    • How come there are no other messages under this recently created alias of yours, Ruffturd?

    • Whenever I have the time, I like to go through the various messages on this board to witness what people have to say with regards to a company I happen to have common interest.

      Lo and behold, day in and day out, an annoying and easily identifiable sicko by the name of clint_stockwood, gooburpeez, optionsalchemist, mirtucap, etc., etc., with fifty or so aliases tries to allay the impression that he's the solidly entrenched expert of whatever you want to discuss on this board. He's very recognizable as all of his messages, regardless of what the discussion is about, is always in the aim of running or deriding the well spoken Chartness. All his wasted oxygen is spent repudiating the studied and meticulous reports of this guru. In his mind he feels that most readers are dumb and that he's the only one that can display the voice of reason.

      At times, he's so wound up running Chartness down that he forgets the name that he posts under. He seems to be blinded by this obsession. The irony here is that he seems to take pride in his ignorance. The frequency of his retorts under all the different aliases demonstrates a perceived imbalance in his relentless harangues trying to show his superiority over Chartness. He doesn't have the critical elements needed to be able to analyse the subjects and to construct a meaningful analogy of facts. To the many readers, I suppose, you would write this off as dotage or someone out of medication.

      There's no need on this board for character assassination. When a person gets hung up on name calling, it points to the fact that he is defeated and has nothing else to add. His messages have no more resonance and his hackneyed prose has completely lost its spark.

      Anyone with a modicum of sophistication or decency would quickly conclude that this incessant verbiage is just useless mental masturbation and should be done in privacy.

      I'm hoping that he does everyone a favor and leaves this board as the only thing he brings here is dissension.

      Chart is an educator. Please leave him alone.

    • > Put up or shut up for good!

      I don't know why he doesn't just accept the bet. I mean, it's not like he's going to pay off if he loses anyway. So what does he have to lose? If he "loses" he just welches on the bet and declares force majeure.

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