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  • deo_adjuvante deo_adjuvante Jan 2, 2008 3:20 PM Flag

    chrt13 has been silent for a while and PFE is climbing

    If he can just #$%$ for the rest of the day, PFE will break $23.00!

    But if he spouts off some more, look for a fallback.

    Do all PFE longs a favor chrt13 and just #$%$ for the rest of the Day.

    gooburpeez the pea-brain


    It's you, lardass that most people wants off this board. Every second post of yours is dedicated trying to debase the well respected Chartness. You're obssessed with trying to prove him wrong and bring him down to your level. You provide nothing to this board except drivel. Go away. No one wants you here. Are you listening?

    • "trying to debase the well respected Chartness."

      Dear Mr. Ruffy, oops, I mean Mr. Deo.

      Why do you think that reposting chrt13's prior posts, word for word, often without comment, is "trying to debase" chartness?

      If Mr. chartness truly is well-respected, then should not his prior posts enhance that respect by showing how accurate he is in predicting things and how good his advice to others is?

      Why do you think that Mr. chartness's prior posts "debase" him?

      As Mr. Spock would say, "That is Illogical."

    • The completely disrespected, laughed at, eternally erroneous, but never admits it, lying loser loon Chartnuts needs no one else to prove the welching weasel worm wrong.

      The dishonest, disgusting, dishonorable goofball does that all by himself, with every single post.

      You have never, ever contributed anything to this board Ruffturd, or to any other chat room. All you do is suck Chartnuts' cock in public, rating the loon's lies five stars & all the accurate messages one star. Everyone here wants you off this board for good. Got it?

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