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  • detractor_01 detractor_01 Sep 5, 2009 6:47 AM Flag

    The True Stats


    The True Stats

    Here are the True Stats for Day 1,752 of chrt13’s “investment” in Pfizer, valuing his short positions at ask and his long positions at bid:

    Stock Valuation: $1,639
    Long Calls: $222,420
    Naked Puts Short: NEGATIVE $68,524 (All of that OPM has bought chrt BIG TROUBLE)
    Calls Short: NEGATIVE $20,412 (much more than my previous accounts of his positions, actually about 10X worse; he has assumed more risk)

    Total Valuation: $135,123
    Total Invested: $281,620
    Total Losses: $146,497

    This accounting is much more honest than what Alan Daniels will post. It shows the entirety of his disastrous position in Pfizer. But even this relies on his own cooked-book numbers.

    For example, what he calls "negative cash" is what he reports to have spent out of pocket to acquire Pfizer stock or options. But this does not include the real cost, which of course should include things like interest paid on mortgages, penalties paid for early withdrawals from retirement savings, taxes he was forced to pay because he required un-planned withdrawals etc etc.

    He would have us focus on how well he is doing since March, while comparing his recovery against an arbitrary date rather than when he began this stupid program.

    Put one way, chartnutz has managed to lose over $1,000 for each and every day the stock market has been open since "inception" date of 11/17/2004.

    He will no doubt respond to this post with ridiculous claims about future performance. He likes to count his chickens before they hatch. That has proven well off the mark, as he was planning to be out of Pfizer long ago. Yet here we have the perfect storm: a socialist President, both houses of Congress controlled by Democrats, and the President is calling for socialized health care. Does these sound like the conditions that made Alan J. Daniels go "maniacal" on Pfizer? Why is he still stubbornly sticking to this stock? Does it still fit the criteria he blathered about back in 2004-2008?


    The Chairman of the Truth in Stats Committee

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Very unfortunately, Charty does have a following made up mostly of posters who truly dislike him but who can not resist the temptation of negatively replying to every one of his posts. There are many people like that on this board. These posters play right into Charty's hands. You see, Charty has an extremely thick hide that goes along with obnoxious, boundless ego. It doesn't make any difference to him whether the replies to his posts are positive or negative. They all count because it proves to him that people do indeed take the time to read and reply to his posts. The only way to discourage him is put his name on your 'Ignore' list or at least do not respond to his posts. If everyone on this PFE board did this, eventually he would get message and leave the PFE board. This is the only way to get rid of him.

    • optionsalchemists2077 optionsalchemists2077 Sep 8, 2009 10:32 AM Flag

      > You should be ashame of what you really look like in the eyes of those that read this board.

      And you?

      " Damn Booger you can rant with the best. BUT... What has any of your rant to do with getting poor Goober outta those wet panties and into some dry one, prior to him becoming sick and smelly? Nasty bunch of piss ants, they are! I guess the web's not working for either of you jack wads! Another day then! Piss off! GO TO HELL! You piss ant Little girls scream, stomp their feet. Pebble Perfect, the old f*g starts his screaming like a little girl when she does'nt get her way Sounds tasty, but will it make you lick yourself and then drag your ass across the lawn till your asshole bleeds? Thanks for the warning dog shit You're still a shit for brains and that ole goat Pebby too! these girls you are playing with on the PFE board are a bunch of pussies? Don't know your plans, but the next time you're in Vegas, please give my regards to Nellie. Well where are you Pebs? Is it dark? Does it stink like shit there? You're up Mamms ass, you old fool. ROFLMAO. Whoa Nellie Just as I figured Mammooooooooooo. You disappoint me, but I expected it. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Tell me a fairy tale, akin to the one you posted on the TYC board. Now don't make it about Goober, we already know he's a fairy! LMAO! No body! I mean nobody! Loves ole Chart like Goober! That's a lie. Clint loves the ole boy, but only for his investment abilities! Then there is Pebblehead, the originial Chart cheerleader. Betty Ford Clinic.Check it out! You not only need it, you require it! When you check in, say hello to Pebbles You're sicker and much more drunken than I had first thought and you're not getting any better. How's the Hotpanera, ORDAINED boycott of you working out? LOL. Looks like Pebblehead used up all his drunken shit on you and switched ID's? The old fool Heel bitch! EOS! LMAO. Speaking for everyone huh, you dumb MF! Now heel you dumb SOB"


    • And there it went again!

      Amazing how quickly Vanzanti's pollution posts & aliases disappear, due to Yahoo's hating the lame, lifeless loser loon.

      Not often you see the same message deleted twice so rapidly.

    • Didn't you notice that your prior post exactly the same has already been voted off the board?

      Take my word for it, kowtow now & avoid having yet another alias deleted entirely.

      No one this board supports you or me. We're totally at their mercy, Van sweety, so best we just bend over & hope they'll be gentle!

    • <<If I actually want to sell an option with a wide quote such as $6.30 bid, $6.50 asked, generally I'll be able to get close to $6.50 for it - especially if I wait a few minutes for actual offers to come in>>

      I don't believe that for a minute. Assuming the stock remains unchanged (obviously if it rises or falls the options will move accordingly) there is no way that you will USUALLY get close to 6.50 to sell in a 6.30/6.50 spread. Occasionally anything can happen. But usually, you'd be lucky to get 6.40 if you put that price in, and frequently doing so would just make it 6.30/6.40 and it could just sit there. Options that expensive are rarely liquid and even more rarely will the specialist or a trader give you anything close to the asked and often not even the mid-point to sell. I have traded options for 30 years, very actively over the past 10, and what you describe flies in the face of everything I have seen.

      You have completely failed to address the more important point initially raised by Detractor: you have enough contracts of a single strike and price --short or long -- that you can't realistically even assume that the bid can be obtained when you're selling. You could try to get out gradually, but then the stock could move against you. There is no doubt that using the mid-point for 100 or more contracts is providing you a better price that is realistically obtainable. This is particularly do with the '11 Leaps deep in-the-money that you are long. Only 64 of the 10 strike traded on Friday and busting the spread is far from assured, let alone to be assumed. For the Sept strikes that are frequently traded, the spreads are tight and usually 1/3 of the spread can be obtained, e.g., the Sept 16 calls (1508 contracts traded on Friday) at .54/.57 can usually be sold for .55. But you are being way too generous with your assumptions.

    • Well isn't that a tiny insult? You can handle it.

    • While I see you're an impostor, I don't expect any better refutation of the substance. I will respond to your post on that assumption since I won't be around tonight:

      <<Many here are interested in this investment, and I post my updates for their benefit. This silent majority has come to expect mid-point valuations from me. If you do not wish to view my updates, relief is only a mouse click away>>.

      Let me get this straight. You have no response to the substantive points I made, but you fantasize that there is a silent majority who follows your updates and cares more about consistency than that the results be as accurate as possible. So that if you changed to the only fair method for valuing these options, they would be upset even with full disclosure of the change!. And you're not kidding! Wow!!!

      I am a huge believer in "false in one false in all". Whether it's how options are valued, interest lost on the annuity, penalties, taxes or anything else, it's not a question of how much in the aggregate all of these "adjustments" always in your favor (surprise? I think not) help the results. It goes to the lack of credibility and the implication that there are other "adjustments" that nobody knows about.

      As I told you, I don't read your updates any more. That the methods are maniacal was always obvious prospectively. How it turns out won't change my view one iota. Intellectual dishonesty does interest me. And the computational issues listed above goes directly to that.

    • chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting Sep 5, 2009 4:34 PM Flag

      I have heard you and others say that you do not rate posts. If many of my detractors do not even bother to rate my posts, then how do you suppose they end up with 30 ratings and 2 stars?

      The silent majority exists, and most are in my corner.

    • chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting Sep 5, 2009 4:10 PM Flag

      How many registrations and aliases do YOU have? Are you a serial rater?

    • chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting chrt13sezzheaintkowtoting Sep 5, 2009 4:03 PM Flag

      My posts regularly receive two stars, and those of my detractors regularly receive 4 stars. That is proof positive that I have many followers on this message board. I intend to dutifully continue to post important information about my Superior Methods. They have come to rely on me.

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