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  • smkpit smkpit Dec 15, 2009 4:08 PM Flag

    Healthcare reform is too flawed for Susan Collins

    She speaks out of both sdes of he mouth
    but will support the best she can get
    which is far from what American wants.
    Its a healtcare bill for
    insurance companies, drug companies, lawyers,
    It does not do what is really needed.

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    • The bill is the way it is because DEMOCRATS have made it that way. All the GOP proposals were shot down in committee largely on party-line votes.

      Why for example is there no tort reform in that bill? Howard Dean candidly let the answer slip on that one - the Dems don't want to antagonize the trial lawyers who are among their biggest campaign supporters. As a result of no tort reform, health insurance is higher - for two reasons. First of all, someone has to stand the cost of doctors having to pay higher malpractice awards and the docs are going to pass those costs along. And then they are almost forced to engage in a lot of defensive medicine and largely-unneccessary tests to ward off malpractice suits.

      Why can't health insurance be purchased across state lines?

      And why is government forcing those wanting health insurance to be covered for such things in many states as maternity, well-baby care, in-vitro fertilization, substance abuse, marriage counseling, etc. if the consumer doesn't want or need such coverage?

      Maybe the Dems can tell you that because it sure doesn't make a lot of sense.

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