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  • cramermadmoney cramermadmoney Apr 7, 2010 10:01 PM Flag

    PFE's graph

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    • What would Torcetrapib possibly have to do with the period from June 2002 to February 2004? That drug was in what - Phase I or early Phase II at that time? Nobody in Pfizer management was talking about Torcetrapib being a matter of when, not if in 2002 and 2003.

    • That's what you've said for the last 28 quarters, without it ever happening.

      Your betters have proved irrefutably that there are no JFMs, but even if the fantasy fairies existed, they can't possibly support the price, since they would promptly sell after buying for the dividend before the ex-date, as shown by PFE's price action.

      In fact of course to the extent that the price has temporarily risen before some past ex-dates, it has done so because of short covering.

      When will you learn? Has the fact that you keep piling loss upon loss, year after year after year after year after year after year after year, making the same stupid, crazy, lazy, ignorant rookie mistakes over & over & over & over again, repeatedly, taught you nothing?

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      When was the last time that PFE gained over 40% in two years?

      My but you really are a student of history aren't you.

      1) Pfizer climbed from an intraday low of $20.27 on Dec. 12, 2005 to a close of $28.47 nine months later on Sept. 20, 2006.

      2) Prior to that, PFE had bottomed out at $25.10 in mid-2002 and then came back to as high as $38.89 intraday on Feb. 6, 2004, a gain of about 55%.

    • Here is an excerpt from yoiur post:

      What could possibly cause PFE to make a comparable move now.

      A clean Q1 without flukes, the expected clear beat and then management following up by raising full-year estimates would certainly give the stock a great boost.

      The JFM's should initiate the party in about two-and-a-half weeks when they start doing their dividend-capture thing.

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