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  • azbillyt azbillyt Apr 17, 2010 2:09 PM Flag

    Elliot Wave Theory carried to an extreme,

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    • But you're ineducable.

      i'd say his brain is as fungused as his toenails,LOL.

    • chrt13sezzheaintkowshit chrt13sezzheaintkowshit Apr 18, 2010 5:10 PM Flag

      Yes, I see now that there is much that I don't understand in order to be a successful investor & a success in life.

      Everything, in actual fact.

    • How many times does it need to be explained to you, imbecile, that "secular bear market" isn't a silly label, but a numerical fact, ie an observation of reality, based on the average valuation of the asset being considered?

      Had you for instance been aware that we were in a secular bear market for big cap stocks in 2003 & 2004, despite the cyclical rally then in effect, you would have known not to go maniacal on PFE.

      But, being a financial illiterate & a Numbers Numbskull, you went insanely leveraged & maniacally concentrated instead, while PFE was resuming its slide, just as your betters warned you was the case.

      Why cannot you still not understand the distinction between cyclical countertrends, which are often sharp, as in the 2003-07 rally during the current secular bear for stocks, & the longer term main or secular trend?

      Failure to grasp this simple difference has cost you everything, but you still don't get it & apparently are incapable of grasping the numerical concepts involved.

      No surprise from an Arithmetic Ass, Statistical Stupe & Mathematical Moron incapable of comprehending margin of error, which normal people understand intuitively, but you still can't understand after taking statistics course in college.

    • How would an investor that put money in the market near the December 1974 Dow low of 577 likely have done through August of 1982 when the final bear market of the era bottomed out at 777?

      How would an investor putting money in the market near the July 1932 Dow low of 41 likely have done over the haul to 1949 when the secular bear finally ended with the Dow four times the valuation at the lows?

      I would have LOVED having big money invested at those times despite the silly label "secular bear market."

      The biggest fortunes are made after a "secular bear market" has bottomed but long before it is declared to have ended.

    • silent_majority_fan silent_majority_fan Apr 18, 2010 2:38 PM Flag

      Can you possibly really be this stupid?

      Your betters have patiently explained to you for a decade that a secular bull market began in 1982 & ended in 1999-2000. The previous bear market began in 1966 & ended in 1982.

      How could even a dunce as dense as you possibly not understand that. What in the prior message could possibly have led you to such an idiotic, ignorant, insane, ill-informed conclusion?

    • The PREVIOUS secular bear may have started in February of 1966 but it certainly had ended by August of 1982. There was then an 18-year super-bull.

      There is NOBODY that thinks that we are still in a secular bear that began way back in 1966. The market rise from 777 on the Dow in August 1982 to over 11,000 in March 2000 was way too strong to entertain ideas that the secular bear never ended.

      Show me even one reputable analyst that thinks that.

    • Here is an excerpt from that article:

      Did you know that bear markets tend to trigger wars? That the size of a war almost always correlates with the size of the bear market that preceded it?

      The biggest bear market of my lifetime prior to the recent crash was the 1974 collapse.

      Exctly what huge war did that trigger?

      Don't believe everything that you read.

      • 1 Reply to chrttwelve
      • You're kidding, right?

        That's when the Cold War went Hot, after the West let its guard down following Viet Nam.

        Communism went on the attack in Africa (Angola, Horn of Africa, etc), Asia (Afghanistan, Laos, Cambodia, etc) & Latin America (Salvador, Nicaragua, Grenada, etc). The low point for the West was the Iranian hostage crisis.

        Then Reagan was elected & launched his successful counter-attack, leading to the collapse of the Evil Empire.

        You must have read about or heard about it on TV. It was in all the papers & literally on the Nightly News every night. I know your memory sucks, but we won.

        How soon they forget!

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