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  • shiksa_janet shiksa_janet Jul 18, 2010 5:43 PM Flag

    Weekly update on how my Pfizer investment is performing

    Maybe Alan has some explaining to do. But Mark has some explaining to do also. I want to know how he could have his worthless brother handle our money.

    Just two weeks ago, he was pleading with Mark to throw more good money after bad. Lucky for him, Mark did not. But I still want to know how we could have the black sheep of the family handling our money for us.

    At least it is only a small portion of the money.

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    • Please don't take this wrong but is there a chance Mark is just a little slow?

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      • Mark is a very astute businessman. He founded and operates his own company. He has many inventions. He is not very slow.

        However, before she died, Rosalind made Mark promise that he would look out for his older brother. My husband is a decent and honorable man, so he honors that promise. One thing he does is make sure that Alan is never alone for the important holidays. Another thing he does is he tries to give Alan a chance to earn some money by handling a small portion of our wealth. He convinced his brother Michael to sell Alan Rosalind's house at a significant discount.

        Who wouldn't love a man like Mark? I do, but I am not happy that Alan can trade on our behalf. It would be cheaper to supplement his income with an allowance.

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