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  • catavepart catavepart Aug 11, 2010 4:35 PM Flag

    Enough Of This Effin' Mulligan Crap--Shiksa Explodes At Poor Mark

    Uberloser has already lost his home and PFE is still somewhat overvalued at $16
    at the top a major rally within in a secular bear market.

    Shiksa still steadfastly committed to committal, as his self-deception and
    and self-absorption know no bounds--not to mention her losses.

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    • Some people refer to what, Charty? We really can't have a level discussion of the subject if you keep on seeing to it that the other half of the dialog gets cornfielded.

    • I'm determined to have the designation "Self-Made Millionaire" and also to write the definitive book on optimal options strategies. Those are the goals that I have set for myself.

      I have always been an achiever but there has been nothing too noteworthy the last 24 years. I aim to change that and have some new entries in my "Record of Lifetime Achievements - All Endeavors."

    • If you're so unconcerned with leaving behind an estate for your descendants, then why are you so determined to crack the PFE nut with yet more cash? Why not lick your wounds and try to ride it out with what you have, instead of spending the next ten years counting down until your unpaid interest swamps you and the house is sacrificed to settle the lenders' equity interest in the property?

    • Some people refer to it as the "No More Mortgage Payments Ever" Finance Company. Others like to call it the "Expanding Open Line of Credit" Finance Company.

      What a tremendous deal for house-poor seniors who aren't the least bit concerned about leaving an estate to descendants.

      It's just incredible how many will continue to sit like lumps on logs paying 6% interest on mortgages just because the lenders have started imposing absurd income requirements when previously income never entered into the picture - only the appraised value of the property.

    • I have one other open registration - "fatnomore10" - but I only used it a few times from late December through about Jan. 10 and haven't used it since.

    • Hi me,LMAO.

    • Sorry, that's as far as I'll go identifying the peabrain. Everyone else that follows this dialogue already know whom the jerk extraordinaire is. Nothing else has to be said.

      I would sooner not disclose my bond to Pfizer.

      Anyhow Pebbles, I feel that you're an individual that approachable. We'll leave it at that.
      i asked you earlier to try to narrow the guru or ruffy subject down,but you avoided that,cause your afraid to come out of your ID closet,ruffcharty,LMAO.

    • If I were to lose money, that would be a horse of a different color.

      take #5 and #1,doesn't matter the color charty,i hope you win,LMAO.

    • I couldn't care less if it is. I'm not about to lose any sleep over something so insignificant. If I were to lose money, that would be a horse of a different color.

      Anyhow, I have to go. I believe that I have corresponded with you before Pebbles. Nice making contact.

      Hi charty,guru,bubblyboy51,LMAO.
      now you other idiots,think avacoolcatnip is the same,then i'm pebs too,LMAO.
      copy this before it gets deleted,LOLOLOLOLOL.

    • He's the kook that follows the guru twenty two hours per day downgrading his messages and upgrading his.

      Does anything else have to be said. That's one of the reason he's so detested on this board. No one can stand him.

      I hope that I'm as clear as crystal.
      why aren't you naming him,and talk about him as a 3rd person.what are you afraid of?me?or the board's retaliation?everybody wants to know.
      ps:when did you join this board,and what's your interest in PFE?and for how long?LOL.

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