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  • hotpanera2 hotpanera2 Aug 28, 2010 11:06 AM Flag

    IR deceived investors

    Here is what Chartness reported being told by Pfe's IR in June, 2008:

    <<The company IS committed to maintaining the dividend at least at the current $1.28 per year and they very well may raise the dividend. However, unlike in the past, they are unwilling to COMMIT to maintaining their 41-year policy of raising the dividend each year>>.

    I guarantee that the IR people had a script to read whenever any question arose as to the dividend. I was involved in situations where public companies had issues that consumers and shareholders were calling about and the lawyers drafted questions and proposed answers to be given. The script obviously included a "commitment" to maintain the dividend at 1.28. No disclaimers, whatsoever, were included. Yet, Pfe slashed the dividend in half within 6 months and it's not like earnings fell out of bed. If indeed there was a script and this person wasn't just offering her own opinion to one hapless shareholder (highly unlikely but not inconceivable, so I mention it), it may very well be actionable. But more important, it demonstrates how unlike stocks like GE, Pfe was touting the dividend not all thatm long before it was cut in half. I'm confident that numerous fund managers, financial planners and brokers felt absolutely betrayed and will have nothing to do with Pfe until Kindler is gone. This is a major reason for the disparity between Pfe's PE and that of other pharma stocks. Other reasons include the risk of getting through the Lipitor expiration without major per pill overhead increases (despite cost cuts already assumed) and the perception that nothing important will ever come out of R&D which can change, but only with results, not by blaming it on bad luck in the past.

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    • He hasn't said anything about getting calls of support from the Silent Majority either!

    • > to eliminate getting crank calls from the riff-raff.

      You are getting crank calls?

      You should buy caller ID to see where they are coming from.

    • Some more history showing how valueless his "staking" really is:

      chartnuts made a bet on May 15:

      Re: Chartnuts, will you leave the board immediately if $25 15-May-07 05:56 pm

      The bet is on then. $25.00 you're gone, $30.00 I'm gone.

      I'm counting on an overall market pull-back, but time will tell.


      chartnuts confirmed the bet on May 28:

      Re: Chartweasel deleted his own posts to avoid Peb's 28-May-07 02:25 pm

      There's no "worming my way out of bets" made this year with Milo and Offtopicposter. Those are almost sure winners for me with Pfizer nicely ahead of schedule. I wouldn't dream of taking those bets back. There's a good chance that by Labor Day it will be good riddance to those two detractors.


      chartnuts reiterated the bet on June 13:

      Re: Milo, your bet's looking good! Already 65% of the way 13-Jun-07 06:34 pm

      If Milo is to win the bet, he had better do it in the next five weeks. Because it's certainly not going to happen once that Q2 earnings report comes out around July 20.


      On July 18 chrt13 said (note the "again" when he references Force Majuere):

      ***************************************************** *****
      I'm going to have to declard force majeure again 18-Jul-07 08:16 am

      A large change in wholesaler inventory policies to just-in-time seems to account for a huge portion of the disappointing results.

      PFE very likely would have been able to handle even this without danger of going under $25 temporarily had it not been weakened by the Sub-prime mess and today's further news that the two Bear hedge funds will likely fail.

      The bets are off again until Aug. 10.


      So you can see from the above message of chrt13, he declared Force Majeure THREE times on this one bet!!!!!!!

      chartnuts lost the bet.




    • > In the meantime, I'd virtually stake my very life on the idea that the three identities belong to one and the same sick kook.

      Yeah, we know about your "staking."

      On 30-Nov-07 chrt13 said:

      Re: $29 by 12/31/08 and $31 by 1/31/09 or I leave 30-Nov-07 10:46 am

      I said categorically that there are NO excuses and no force majeure. Pfizer sees $29 by year-end 2008 or I'm gone with the exception of twice-weekly valuation updates. I also must see $31 by 1/31/09 or I'm also gone.

      I told folks to get maniacal on Pfizer when it was at $24.29 and I must be able to see folks that took my advice triple their money by the end of 2008 in order for me to remain on this board.

      Range theory tells me that Pfizer cannot be prevented from busting through $29 resistance before 2008 is out. I'm putting my money, my credibility and my ability to continue posting here on that assertion. Yes - I am that positive that I'm willing to risk having to leave the board - and without really getting much out of this self-imposed wager either.

      Make no mistake about it - 2008 is the year that Pfizer shakes loose and makes small fortunes for properly- leveraged investors.


      chrt13 said quite clearly and precisely, "I said categorically that there are NO excuses and no force majeure. "

      Then he said on 13-Apr-08:

      Re: How my Loser Leaves the Board bets are faring... 13-Apr-08 07:04 pm

      I no longer have a bet with myself. My better half reminded me just what a valuable resource I am here and prevailed on my worse half to declare Force Majeure again for the greater good.

      I never like to argue much with my better half - especially when he displays such wisdom.


      Well, any questions?

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      you know avy nippy and i are seperate entities..

      Good - it should be a routine matter then for the three of you to get together with octo man for lunch or a drink. He'll ask some questions that only a Pfizer board regular would know to make sure you aren't throwing in some ringers.

      When I hear from him that indeed three separate humans showed up and that they all knew what was going on with Pfizer and this board, maybe I'll start believing you.

      In the meantime, I'd virtually stake my very life on the idea that the three identities belong to one and the same sick kook.

    • yer a lost cause idjut..i see ya busy, busy, busy removing stars.....get a life......

    • I'm having my number changed soon to eliminate getting crank calls from the riff-raff. I already get way too many unwanted calls from telemarketers so this will cut down on the volume.

    • as if you didn't know already???? did you read my post on how to tell one from is very, very clear r truly the biggest yahoo loser ever and king of fools and if you think you are wasting my time proving anything to you, you is nutzier than i thought...nippy is right yawn...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • " a lowly slime like alan aint coercing me into going out in 9 degrees.....for what to prove what..... ........... u and avy have fun.............

    • stop it now!you're giving charty dreams of climbing horsies while he's dropped from his you can't get it up club.LOL.

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