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  • stjdavis7 stjdavis7 Sep 3, 2010 4:51 PM Flag

    I have held this stock 10 years

    and have lost 61%. At the time when I bought it all the talking heads on TV said it was a great buy and hold stock.

    I will never buy another pharma company as long as I live.

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    • Take me for example - a Master Options Strategist. Now you on the other hand appear to be a Master of the Obvious.

      master of jerky boys,left and right handed,LOL.

    • People on this board are masters at different things.

      Take me for example - a Master Options Strategist. Now you on the other hand appear to be a Master of the Obvious.

    • thanks,i can see through your eyes(although i can't),that you're not lying speaker,LOL.

    • perfessor boomer,charty the dictionary,charts,charty,charty da man,LOL.

    • As an english language speaker, I am not familiar with the expression "lying to your teeth".

      I am familiar with the expression "lying through your teeth".

      A lie may come from the eyes as well as through the teeth. Every well-educated schoolchild knows that.

    • You make more mistakes in one day than you correct in one week.

      When you do it, it's a "typo"? When anyone else does it, it is what? A MISTAKE?

    • Instead of swearing off of pharmas, you should stop listening to momentum-based talking heads and use your own head instead.

      A decade ago, Pfizer was selling in the $45 area. It had earned 87 cents a share in 1999 and was destined to come in with earnings of $1.02 in 2000.

      So at $45, Pfizer was selling at 44 times 2000 earnings. Didn't you think that that was pretty rich for a company growing earnings only 1/3 that fast and in a stock market that was starting to collapse?

      Or were you lured by Pfizer's fabulous dividend at the time - 36 cents a share ANNUALLY for a $45 stock - an 0.8% ANNUAL return?

      Price counts and the numbers count. Before going into ANY investment, you need to look at the numbers and see if they make sense. Ten years ago for Pfizer, they simply didn't.

      Even the best companies often get overpriced in the market and when that happens, you simply have to invest elsewhere. Your failure to do that is what led to your losses - not that Pfizer is a badly-managed company or whatever.

    • perhaps.but why frozen cheesesteak,it's the week-end,LOL.

    • If you believe in "talking heads" and follow their advice, then you deserve to be chastised.

      NEVER believe anything, invest with convictions based on analysis and hard work. Then maybe, you will get back to "even".

      You can not win this game without a contrarian opinion, based in brass balls and watched like a kettle on the stove.

      Disagree? Then buy CDs or you might make a ton of money if you shake your head, still illogical and stick your nuts in a combine.

      Good luck to ya....but, you don't get it!

    • I wasn't. Although, I forgot to add the 4% plus dividend.

      doesn't matter if can't recover even with the dividend,LOL.

      Isn't it about time for you to meet pebbles and bud for cheesesteak's and beer?

      true,i can't do anything about it when they're not willing.for once you're right,LOL.

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