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  • chrttwelve chrttwelve Sep 26, 2010 4:17 AM Flag

    Senate Polling: 50 Dem, 46 GOP and 4 tossups

    So says RealClear Politics. The four tossups are CO (current 2.4% GOP edge), IL (current 2.0% GOP edge), WV (current 2.0% Dem edge and NV (current 1.0% Dem edge).

    Unless the GOP can pull off a real upset in CA, WA or an even greater upset in CT, the Dems will still control the Senate after the elections unless Lieberman or Nelson switch.

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    • I think it is already in stone that Hillary will be the nominee. Obama isn't happy. He can't cheat or do gay things while in the Whitehouse.

    • i'm telling your neighbor,LOL;)

    • Yea, Romney is a bit liberal for me but I am married to a woman that thinks he is great. She even wants a yard sign that says "Catholics for Romney". Really, a Republican Mormon that can get elected in Massachusetts has to have something going. Newt would be great but hard to elect. Right now I will stick with Palin and see how things are in another year. I do think there is a chance Obama will be challenged for the Dem nomination and anything that splits the Dems is okay with me. No doubt about it, at this point, Obama is in real trouble but that could change.

    • He wants to whine, butch and incite and get the credit when someone fixes the problem. He doesn't like the judgements now that he has responsibility.

      That is rough stuff. He will be a major whiner , inciter when he leaves office. Dictating...worse than Jimmy!!

    • You may be correct. For Hussein, being president was just a prerequisite for the job he really wants, King & Pontificator in Chief of the World.

    • Ruffturd may have to fall back on Plan B, getting enough messages deleted to cause the whole thread to disappear.

    • Hillary was the Democrat machine's choice, except in Chicago. What her campaign wanted, it got.

    • Also, after Clinton got away with all his crimes & offenses, the Democrat Party decided there are no rules that apply to them, with Establishment media running interference for them.

    • Hillary did try to raise the issue, but too late & ineffectively. She had Bill mention it, then her stalking horse Berg filed suit, but lacked standing, according to the court.

    • <<The party can't vet candidates now that we have primaries>>.

      I think that's technically correct but ultimately simplistic. If it came to the attention of the party that the candidate expected to be nominated had something horrendous in his past, one way or another the powers that be would get him to withdraw, even threatening to leak the info before the convention.

      As for Hillary and McCain not wanting to be behind a disclosure that would affect voting blocks, they could have leaked it with plausible deniability that it came from them. There are just too many things that one would have to buy: that he is disqualified but ran anyway, nobody could prove that the rumors were true, or they had proof but kept silent and let him ride to the Presidency. Whether it's the party, the media, Hillary, McCain, one way or another it would have come out. Am I 100% certain? No, but the odds strongly favor the conclusion that there is nothing there.

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