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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Jan 7, 2011 9:18 AM Flag

    Does anyone know

    Does anyone know why these news items keep appearing on my computer? Every time I turn on the internet I get these news items on the Yahoo page. I don't give a hoot about news items. I just want to post on this message board.
    Oh look, a Wendy's commercial. MMMMMMMMM Wendy's cheeseburgers and fries........... I think I will go pick up another tranche of fries this afternoon. Anyway, how about those Bruins? You know I almost made the UCLA ping pong team. But I had the BAD LUCK of being too fat for the team bus and I kept stepping on the ping pong balls. I couldn't see them due to my ample waistline. That certainly wasn't MY fault. The university should have supplied me with a nutritionist and a trainer. What bad luck.

    Clint Stockwood

    Everyone on this board knows how sick you are. You don't have to prove it!

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    • > Everyone on this board knows how sick you are. You don't have to prove it!

      I see I'll be spending more for detergent this year 9-Jan-08 01:35 pm

      I keep creaming in my jeans just watching the spectacular action of Pfizer this new year in the face of such an awful market.

      Re: Stop anti pharma/biotech DEMs like Reid in NV 31-Oct-10 02:08 pm

      It's been awhile but I'll be in Vegas in six weeks. A certain part of my anatomy is in sore need of exercise and it's also high time for me to demonstrate my prowess at the Texas Hold-Em tables.

      Re: I take six pills a day plus aspirin 10-May-08 03:41 am

      I'm perfectly capable of getting it up when properly aroused by a good, young, sexy, voluptuous Vegas working girl. In fact, what I need from Pfizer (or anyone) isn't Viagra - it's something to prevent me from squirting too soon. I bet a product like that would certainly be a mega-blockbuster as I'm sure a lot of other men have the same problem.


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