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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Feb 1, 2011 9:35 AM Flag

    Doesn't look good today at all now.

    Pfizer doesn't figure to miss on earnings but they figure to come in light when it comes to initial 2011 guidance. Their initial guidance rarely pleases.

    I'm totally amazed at your series of accurate forecasts.

    Another prediction of yours that's right on.

    Thanks and continue the good work.

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    • > I'm totally amazed at your series of accurate forecasts.

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      Re: Milo, your bet's looking good! Already 65% of the way 13-Jun-07 08:25 pm

      There's no "traditionally" about it. The past three years it just so happens there were major travesties the second half (adverse Celebrex test in 2004, the yanking of estimates in 2005 and Torcetrapib failure in 2006).

      There's nothing apparent in the way of travesties in 2007. No optimistic forecasts and no huge drugs under development that could fail. Any travesty this year would have to come completely out of the blue. There would be little reason for an investor to expect any such thing.

      You saw the lows this year on March 5 with the $24.70 close. Nothing resembling that will be seen. EVER!


      I see I'll be spending more for detergent this year 9-Jan-08 01:35 pm

      I keep creaming in my jeans just watching the spectacular action of Pfizer this new year in the face of such an awful market.

      I'm claiming victory 14 months in advance 3-Dec-07 03:50 pm

      It's so obvious that Pfizer will make it to my $31 goal within 14 months that I'm going to declare victory ahead of time - declare myself a huge winner, a master options strategist, genius, etc. Any of you readers here that don't like to procrastinate, feel free to congratulate me now and to eat, drink and make merry.


    • Alan's forecast was so accurate that Large Marge, the barge in Charge is now squashing your chubby hubby again so that the beached, rotting whale doesn't even have time to post about how bruised the loser's blubbery, stinking corpse is.

    • > I'm totally amazed at your series of accurate forecasts.

      Then you are easily Amazed!


      Summarizing my PFE predictions still in force 1-Mar-07 11:55 am

      I expect the following:

      1) Tuesday's close of $25.14 will prove to be in the lowest 10% of the range between the low close of the year and the high close of the year.

      2) Today's $24.55 intraday low will also be the 2007 intraday low.

      3) $31 will be seen on a closing basis before the year is out.

      4) Pro forma earnings per share this year will be at least $2.30.

      ***************************************************** **

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