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  • roast_em roast_em Feb 4, 2011 10:37 AM Flag

    when does the buy back start


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    • Buybacks and dividend increases are not ways that will signifcantly increase the PFE stock price. The one thing that will help is a grossly more effective R&D division that uses the $9 billion dollars that it receives every year to successfully introduce important new drugs to the American public. In the stock world, image is all important and PFE has a very poor image among stock analysts and serious investors because of the disasterous drug failures over the last ten years such as Torcetrabib that collectively have cost the company billions of dollars. Compare PFE with an innovative company such as Apple. In the last two years the PFE stock price has increased roughly 35% whereas Apple has increased about 265%. In the last year the PFE stock price has increased a trifling one point. The reason for this difference is simple. Apple has creative scientists such as Steve Jobs who know how to invent Iphones and other electronic devices that the public wants whereas PFE R&D has a bunch of bozos who only know how to waste money to the tune of 9 billion dollars a year with spectacular drug failures. Until that poor R&D image is erased the PFE stock price will languish. To do this, the company needs to get some Steve Jobs clones in its R&D division.

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      • Galanfoxjr - GREAT ARTICLE WHICH IS RIGHT ON TARGET. Yet let us not forget that buybacks of stock is at best a farce that in most companies only serves to allow senior management to address a source of income basically provided by shareholders. SHOULD BE LAW THAT THAT WHEN BUYBACKS OCCUR, THE CORPORATION MUST PUBLISH A REPORT WITHIN 30 DAYS TO SHOW THE BUYBACK ACTION AND LIST IN SIMPLE MATH, THE PREVIOUS AMOUNT OF SHARES AND THE AMOUNT OUTSTANDING AFTER THE BUYBACK. This would allow for great confidence in corporate actions by the typical shareholders.

    • I reply as a shareholder. What is the importance as to when the buybacks start? Like most buybacks - it will mean little ot no difference for ordinary shareholders, but will simply provide the BOD/Senior management with millions of shares to use with compensation packets or other pet projects. IF ANYONE CAN CITE IN NEAR FUTURE THAT THE OUTSTANDING SHARE TOTALS HAVE DECREASED, PLEASE ADVISE. THANKS!

    • Already has.

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