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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Feb 18, 2011 10:43 AM Flag


    He affects trading on the margin and that indeed can move the price. After he shoveled dirt on the pharmas today, PFE in after-hours never traded above $19.25 and there were lot of transactions - although not huge. Look for the stock to be down at least a dime on the opening tomorrow.


    I don't know how you do it.

    You're right on once again, but by a few pennies.

    Keep up the good work!

    You amaze me with your accurate predictions.

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    • Hey, Ruffturd!

      As always, your chubby hubby was totally wrong.

      PFE opened unchanged from yesterday's close, not down a dime. Later it fell, but that is not what Alan predicted, is it, liar?

      You are always just as perennially wrong as Chartnuts, loser!

    • > You amaze me with your accurate predictions.

      I'm claiming victory 14 months in advance 3-Dec-07 03:50 pm

      It's so obvious that Pfizer will make it to my $31 goal within 14 months that I'm going to declare victory ahead of time - declare myself a huge winner, a master options strategist, genius, etc. Any of you readers here that don't like to procrastinate, feel free to congratulate me now and to eat, drink and make merry.


    • > You amaze me with your accurate predictions.

      chrt13's Checklist of Pfizer stock price goals posted 10-Jan-08 02:15 am

      1) Hold above holiday-season lows.

      2) Break above the latest two-to-three-week trading range.

      3) Vault the 50-day simple moving average line.

      4) Move above the seven-month intermediate-term downtrend line that currently comes in at $24.28 and is declining at the rate of just over two cents per session. This goal is only 36 cents away and could be attained as early as tomorrow.

      5) Move above the Dec. 7 closing high of $24.40 and then above the Oct. 31 close of $24.61 from whence the stock plunged to its 16-month closing low of $22.30 on Nov. 26 in the wake of renewed credit-crunch fears.

      6) Move above $25.58, the last major interim high seen on Oct. 5.

      7) Finally breach the incredible 7.5-year long-term downtrend line connecting intraday highs of $49.25 on 7/12/00 with $38.89 on 2/6/04. The line came in at $27.56 at year-end 2007 and is coming donw at the rate of 24.4 cents per month. By midyear, the line will be down to $26.11 and by the end of 2008, it will be down to $24.66.

      8) Make a new 52-week high for the first time since early February of 2004. Any price over $27.73 will accomplish the feat. It can also be accomplished by the stock reaching $25.72 or more after July 17 unless there has been a prior rally which was halted between $25.72 and $27.73. In that case, a later move above the high point would put Pfizer on the 52-week high list.

      9) Breach $29 on a closing basis and $29.21 on an intraday basis. Those prices have kept Pfizer's stock in check for over three years.

      10) The cherry on the sundae will be Pfizer having a print at the Baskin-Robbins price. $31 should be seen no later than 1/31/09.


    • You are obviously easily amazed, Ruffnuts, since your butt buddy Alan has been wrong every day in every way about everything 30,000 times in a row since 2002 on Yahoo boards &, given total failure in life, just as eternally erroneous in the cowardly lying loser loon's real existence.

    • Don't worry - I fully plan on continuing with my mission of educating and informing.

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