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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Jul 3, 2011 4:50 AM Flag

    2014 consensus rises for the eighth time in the last nine weeks

    It's up another penny to $2.52. Nine weeks ago just before Q1-11 earnings were released, consensus was only $2.43. The estimate has been raised a penny in seven of the nine weeks since then and two cents on one occasion.

    Here are the current consensus estimates and how they stood nine weeks ago:

    $2.23 in 2010 (actual)
    $2.25 in 2011 (was $2.24)
    $2.28 in 2012 (was $2.27)
    $2.37 in 2013 (was $2.32)
    $2.52 in 2014 (was $2.43)

    The average annualized earnings growth for the two years from the end of 2012 to the end of 2014 is 5.1%. I think it will be more like 7% to 8% before all is said and done.

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    • Froma late Jan to early Jul is not "mired", fool.

      Your ignorance is total.

    • A similar proposed bill introduced in the Senate has been mired in Committee sinc Jan. 25 and likely will never emerge.

      Any proposed legislation regarding "negotiated" Medicare prices will be filibustered in the Senate and will go down to defeat in the GOP-dominated House.

      This is simply political grandstanding and has absolutely no chance of getting through.

      I don't even think Obama really would want to see it get through Congress as it would mean that his word meant nothing and that deals with him simply can't be trusted. And seniors would be all up in arms - especially the ones facing the doughnut hole that the pharmas are plugging 50% of starting this year.

      For various reasons, this bill is DOA.

    • Have you really never noticed that you are always wrong?

      Negotiation is not only just being talked about, but even has a good chance of passing, thanks to the very reason your betters here have warned you of for so long, the absolute imperative to cut spending.

    • Did you read the link, fool? The bill in the House is co-sponsored by a GOP Representative.

      Plenty of GOP Senators voted for it in 2007, & will again.

      It certainly could pass as part of a cost-cutting package, after negotiations & deals. Republicans want to cut federal spending more than anything else.

      Whether through price negotiation or other means, big price hikes are a thing of the past. Pharma has zero leverage to prevent the US government from doing whatever it wants. No amount of campaign contributionss can possibly overcome the desire, indeed need, to cut spending.

      Keep living in a fool's paradise, loser.

    • Medicare drug "negotiations" isn't seriously being discussed as any bill would be a sure loser. The fact that one liberal Democratic Senator had a bill referred to Committee five months ago means nothing, practically speaking.

      The Dems never could ram that through even when they ran the whole show and they certainly couldn't do it now.

    • investing, history or numbers, & of course can't be bothered to look for stubborn facts, preferring to lie blatantly & blindly, out of total ignorance.

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      Whether there's negotiation or not, Medicare spending cuts are assured, including reduced drug prices through one means or another.

      Just how are Medicare spending cuts "assured" if there is no mandated negotiations? What would prevent the pharmas from continuing to hike prices as they do every year?

      Even if the bill ever emerges from Committee, it has no chance at all in the GOP-dominated House. The Dems knew they couldn't even get "negotiated" Medicare through Congress when they controlled the whole show. But since the 2010 midterms, it would be absolutely hopeless. It would be rejected in the House and easily filibustered in the Senate.

    • Hey, lying loon!

      Very few bills have been passed out Senate committees yet.

      You claimed that no one was talking about it. That claim is false, as is all your spew.

      Whether there's negotiation or not, Medicare spending cuts are assured, including reduced drug prices through one means or another.

      Keep whistling past the graveyard. It will take something major, like spin offs or split up, for you to avoid having to leave this board next year, when PFE fails to close over $23.

    • That bill, sponsored by one of the most liberal Democratic Senators around, has been mired in Committee since Jan. 25 and likely won't even emerge for a vote. It would have no chance in the Republican-dominated House.

      Obama himself wouldn't even want that bill to pass Congress now as if it did, he'd lose a lot of the vote of seniors. Slightly lower Medicare prices where there are co-pays wouldn't matter nearly as much to seniors as the pharmas agreeing to cover half of the doughnut hole.

      Lots of hopeless bills are referred to committee and that's where they die. The fact that it was referred to committee on Jan. 25 and is still there tells you something.

    • The moronic spew is just unbelievable.

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