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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Sep 4, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    Ruffnuts, always here, always watching, lest any thread

    I now see it's up to 104, so Ruffnuts must have added two more self-ratings. We're now pushing 40, which was the number of times your butt buddy must have rated with one star the first post in this thread, which the lifeless loser deleted along with so many others.

    Shameless jackass also known as Ruffturd

    You're really obsessed and paranoid about the rating of messages.Why should it matter to you when the majority of readers here feel that Chartness and Hotpanera are the only two serious participants that have something of value to offer?

    The self rating of messages has absolutely no meaning and most here see it as a waste of time and oxygen. It's rather odd a person of your age wouldn't be able to grasp this.

    But then again, your being annoyed and peeved is quite comprehensible as it creates tons of work to amplify the impression your nothing messages carry weight.

    I suppose some of us will resort to anything to maintain superiority. In your sick and laughing case, your total time devoted to creating spam such as you do under your appellation Shameless jackass is behavior I would be most ashamed to display, but for you it's your standard.

    You're one sick puppy to say the least!

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