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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Oct 5, 2011 9:28 AM Flag

    Closeout of BAC Nov. 5-strike naked puts

    Yup. Rump wrangler Ruffnuts waits for the humans to leave the board, then starts furiously one starring all the betters' messages & five starring those of his trusty steed, Alan.

    Shameless jackass also known as Ruffturd

    For the life of me, I don't know of anyone who is as boisterous as you about the ratings of messages. You seem to think that it's your God given right to have five stars affixed to your numerous and stoopid aliases.

    Most readers here know that you are rating your own messages. The number of stars your messages get mean absolutely zilch as anyone with an ounce of brain knows that self-rating is a complete waste of time and effort. The best messages on this board are those of Chartness and Hotpanera. Most of the others are only worth a scan.

    We, of course understand your hostility towards the affable Ruffnuts. He's creating tons of work for you trying to maintain your five star rating.

    Way to go Ruffnuts.

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