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  • bubblyjoe51 bubblyjoe51 Oct 13, 2011 2:53 PM Flag

    Laughing my head off

    I'm laughing my head off as this board is as quiet as a church mouse ever since Chartness's disappearance.

    Ruffturd's every day dotage about the guru's behavior, grammar mistakes, english usage, sentence formation, spelling and application of words, lack of knowledge, obesity, verbosity, displaying stupidity, lack of astuteness, living a shallow life, having numerous aliases, lack of memory, young girl predator, living off the state, poor investor, living in his mom's house, rating of messages, being Jewish, lack of schooling, poor mathematician, long on insults and short on facts, paedophilia, smelly, a paranoid shizophrenic, a liar and a total amnesiac has come to an abrupt end.

    When the guru is present, it's a thing of beauty to witness his many talents and educate the board.

    I can't wait for his return.

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    • optionsalchemists2077 optionsalchemists2077 Oct 14, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

      > I'm laughing my head off

      It shows.

    • optionsalchemists2077 optionsalchemists2077 Oct 14, 2011 11:06 AM Flag

      > When the guru is present, it's a thing of beauty to witness his many talents and educate the board.

      I see I'll be spending more for detergent this year 9-Jan-08 01:35 pm

      I keep creaming in my jeans just watching the spectacular action of Pfizer this new year in the face of such an awful market.

      Re: Give it up, Ruffnuts. As long as there are humans on the 50 minutes ago

      Do lesser-light riff-raff qualify as "humans?" The species mainly found on this board is like modern-day Neanderthals.

      Re: Why Pfe turned down 21-Mar-11 05:45 pm

      Unlike my women in Vegas, pencils are cheap and I tend to go through a lot of them. And with the pencils, I don't even need to provide for protection.

      Re: has anyone noticed 3 minutes ago

      Some folks have my back. Others though have my right middle finger.

      Re: it's amazing them alan they dont want no part of us... 7-Mar-11 12:19 am

      I never had much use for old ladies other than perhaps my mama and her sister.

      I don't want OLD ladies - I want YOUNG ladies - especially those that are "of the evening." I like the girls that work.


    • Alan is an interesting guy and I read some of his postings. However, don't you think that "guru" is a little strong? The man would have been better off putting his money in GOVERNMENT BONDS over the past decade than in stocks!

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