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  • eureka201112 eureka201112 Jan 6, 2012 2:11 AM Flag

    It's not a huge amount of money but I'm still annoyed


    It seems like Chile demands $140 before an American can enter their country. I find that outrageous. It's nothing but robbery.

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    • Tina, you and Clint should be happy to hear that the Dutch serial killer Van der Sloot hired Jose Jimenez as his lawyer. Just saw it on Yahoo. I can't believe it, Jose Jimenez. He used to do cornball Mexican comedy on Ed Sullivan 50 years ago. Now he is a defense lawyer handling capital cases in Peru. What a transformation and at his age - remarkable.

    • Sorry, Tina, I forgot Ricky Ricardo. But I only watched Fred and Lucy. Guess why. Remember the band was all Cuban but the manager was Fred. Do you think that meant something? Everyone thought Ricky was right off the boat but he served as a U.S.Army medic in WW2 and was a serious stick man. Lucy finally got fed up and gave him the boot. The maffia tried to intimidate him to lighten up on the Italian aspect of Untouchables TV show (he was the producer) and sent Sinatra to warn him. Ricky told him to go f-k himself.

      That brings up another hispanic couple, Xavier Cugat and Charo. Were they Mexican?

      Babe, if you read this, please get back to your mission of financial informing and education as this Board is ridiculous in your absence and this post is proof that nothing happens here unless you start a thread.

    • So, you admit to being the bigoted, idiotic ignoramus that all here knew you to be.

      I guess you had no choice, since it's obvious.

      You also showed yourself too stupid even to respond to Clint's point. You don't need to know any Puerto Ricans to recognize a Puerto Rican accent. Just going to the movies or listening to music or talk shows in the US should have educated you, were you of even average intelligence, which plainly you are not.

      Caribbean people also look different from Mexicans & Hondurans. Clearly you're as unobservant & divorced from reality as your butt buddy, the disgusting, subnormal, drooling pedophile Chartnuts.

      Do you also think that Ricky Ricardo & Ricardo Montalban sound the same?

    • You are quite a name dropper, Clint. Don't forget Chita Rivera, Fernando Lamas,Ricardo Montalban, Jose Jimenez, and Speedy Gonzales (not sure if that will be held against me) and the affirmative action Supreme Court Justice.

      Who has a problem with Katy Jurado or the Mexican spitfire, Mrs. Velez? Not Errol Flynn for sure and neither do I. I thought my favorite actor,Gary Cooper, had a tough decision to pick Grace Kelly over Katy in High Noon but he was right it never would have worked out. Had to make the same decision myself many years ago and I followed Gary's lead.

      Do you really believe these fine, talented people are worth the millions of uneducated, ignorant compatriots who just walk in? Look, this is not about hating anyone. They have changed the USA for the worse in my opinion.

      Last, I really cannot tell the difference between PRs and Mexicans or other Latin types as I never spent any time with them or had any interaction with them except for those few months romance in 1975. What memories!

    • Nobody could shut John Adams up.

      Facts are stubborn things.

    • And Nelson Mandela -- he was also quite noisy...

    • > > It's a known fact that those that make the loudest noise have the most to hide.

      Don't forget M L King, as he made a LOT of noise.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • You won't notice it, because you'll be herded like a particularly dumb sheep by your tour leaders, but all Latin countries retaliate against other countries that charge for visa applications by charging the same amount in return, whether it's the US or New Zealand. In the immigration lines, you'd notice the list of countries whose passport holders need to pay, if you weren't so unobservant.

    • You are such an ignoramus. S. American countries have entry fees equal to what the US charges for visas, fool.

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