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  • gloateus_maximus gloateus_maximus Mar 24, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    More ignorant drivel by lying lunatic loser Aln.

    Chartnuts spewed:

    "Re: My next big trip
    The Ionian Sea hasn't been important for at least two millennia and sailors of the Middle Ages didn't even recognize it as a sea in its own right."

    Yet the liar was shown irrefutable proof over & over again that the Ionian was recognized as a sea in the Middle Ages, called the "Lower Seas" by the Venetians & Turks (to whom the Aegean was the "Upper Seas") & the "Ionian Sea" by their Byzantine enemies.

    And of course the loser has also been repeatedly shown that the Ionian indeed been important in world history during the past 2000 years, with some of the most significant naval & air battles occurring on & over it during that time, including the 1571 Battle of Lepanto, rated by many experts the most important sea fight of all time & by all historians in the top five, as in this list from the US Naval Academy:

    In this list, four of the top ten happened on the Ionian. This & other lists were shown Alan, yet the loon continues to lie.

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    • Napoleon beat Russia? That's certainly news to me and my esteemed history instructors.

      Coalitions of his enemies only fought him to draws? I hardly think he would have been forced into exile if the Battle of Waterloo had merely been a draw.

      The great General Washington tops my list because against all odds he won when it counted. Nobody ever called the assemblage of men that Washington commanded a "Grande Armee." It much more resembled rabble than an Army. Would you really call that pitiful group of men at Valley Forge in 1776/77 an Army?

      Nor did Washington have anything resembling a Navy either. Something he shared with Napoleon as The Little Corporal didn't have much either when it came to military engagements on water.

    • Relevant excerpt:

      Napoleon sailed from Toulon on 20 May. The French expedition used several ports as well as Toulon, including Marseilles, Genoa, Civitavecchia and the ports of Corsica, making the level of secrecy even more impressive. The soldiers themselves were not informed of their destination until they were at sea.

      The expedition’s first success came at Malta. The fleet reached the island on 9 June. Three days later, Napoleon was in control. The Knights of St John were dissolved, their treasure looted and the island thoroughly reformed, before the fleet sailed on leaving a French garrison that was to hold Malta for the next two years.

      The next leg of the voyage saw a close encounter with Nelson’s fleet. On the night of 22-23 June, French officers heard signals guns from the British fleet. Napoleon refused to believe that any significant British fleet could possibly be in the Mediterranean, no alarm was called and the fleets passed in the night. Finally, on the morning of 1 July, just after Nelson had sailed north in frustration, the French fleet reached the Egyptian coast.


    • 1) The British were mighty chintzy in giving Nelson just the title of Viscount. Couldn't they at least have made a Duke out of such a revered figure?

      2) Napoleon is one of the most overrated Generals of all time. The great ones just don't have as many losses as he had. He had the two major naval defeats (Nile and Trafalgar) and he had land defeats that resulted in his two exiles. In addition, he lost disastrously in Russia. In my esteemed opinion, his Armee wasn't all that Grande when it came to important battles against tough foes.

    • Just out of curiosity, I wonder what the difference is between a Count and a Viscount.

    • You would think that the French would have known enough to not send out a General to try and do an Admiral's job.

    • I wonder how the British could be so stupid as to not recognize that? Why did the bloody Brits ever name London's most-important square Trafalgar Square instead of Nile Square?

    • One thing is significantly missing from that Wiki article - namely the term IONIAN SEA. At the time, those were simply placid sail-through waters - no major battles themselves occurred there. My trusty map shows me that the Nile River in Egypt isn't exactly where the Ionian Sea is. At the time, the Ionian was essentially the naval equivalent of fly-over territory.

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    • carolharold123_jackass carolharold123_jackass Mar 24, 2012 6:22 PM Flag

      Hey moron, who is Aln?

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