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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Aug 25, 2012 4:13 AM Flag

    I will actually be voting for Obama this year

    I never could have imagined that I'd even think of doing such a thing earlier this year but after careful consideration, I just can't endorse the GOP this year.

    The last straw is the UTTER lack of leadership by Romney in just meekly accepting the Republican platform plank which calls for no abortion even in cases of incest and rape. I(n the past, abortion hasn't been a major issue for me but something this extreme is completely off the wall.

    I realize that Romney isn't that extreme on the issue but nevertheless after all the heat taken by the party in the wake of the outlandish Todd Akin comments, for the GOP to adopt such an unyielding plank and for Romney to be unable to do anything about it means a complete abdication of leadership. If he can't even get his party to moderate its stance, he shows me no leadership whatsoever and doesn't deserve to lead the nation. Neither does Obama for that matter but at leqast Obama does have four years under his belt in that regard whereas Romney doesn't.

    The only other time I ever voted Democratic for President was the 1964 race between LBJ and Goldwater and I simply couldn't countenance the extreme right positions advocqted by Goldwater.

    The GOP this year is the gang that can't shoot straight. Who was the genius who thought of having the convention in hurricane-prone Tampa? It would serve them right if the ill winds reduces live attendance and blunts the effectiveness of the confab.

    If nothing else, I need to do my part to sent the GOP the message that they can't just run any old person on any old platform and still expect to get my vote.

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    • Stupid me.......I can't find where your spammer topic has to do with Pfizer, which this board is about and Never do you spammers reply to my questions.

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    • It's over barring a MAJOR Obama gaffe or a big outside event. It's certainly NOT the position that I would want to be in if I were Romney.

    • Numbers Ninny backing yet another loser, as always.

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      • I'm going with the bookies and the Smart Money. They know the score. Invariably at the end of the season, the bookies wind up with some of my money as opposed to vice versa. It just doesn't pay to go radically against the bookies.

        And Ladbrokes, the biggest bookmaker of them all, requires gamblers to currently put up five pounds on Obama if they want to try and win two.

        But that isn't going to stop the numbers know-nothings from asking what I think every time a Rasmussen or Gallup outlier shows Romney up by a point.

    • Obviously, you envy Romney his success in the financial industry, while you were a total failure, same as in every other area of life.

      He has a large, happy, successful family, the best possible marriage, a great political career, tremendous community contributions, athletic success & good looks, whereas you have none of these.

      No wonder you can't stand him, his family, his faith or his principles of helping others, while you can't even help yourself.

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      • I don't at all mind him having and observing HIS faith but when he and his ilk want to try and convert folks like ME, that's an imposition and I resent it. Missionaries trying to convert the heatherns 300 or 400 years ago were one thing but trying to convert those in metropolitan areas with their own established beliefs is something else entirely.

        It's also largely a waste of time because when the Mormons drive up on their bicycles at say 11 in the morning, most folks are working; they are not just sitting at home waiting to be converted. The only real converts that they get are the sick and the lonely and the elderly, etc. I can't go along with a Church that would ask the flower of its youth to give up 2.5 years of their lives for such missions.

        By the way, I want to see folks in the White House with ordinary names - like Mike - not Mitt. He also has a son called Tagg. What kind of names are these - Mitt and Tagg? Yours truly prefers Mike and Tom.

    • You are certainly a busy little bee, Ruffnuts, spending yet another beautiful summer weekend as a shut-in, furiously deleting messages in threads you can't rate down to three stars.

      Ruffturd the pervert

      To set the record straight, I am posting my third message since yesterday noon and spent roughly thirty minutes reading this board. You OTOH who is known as Ruffturd to the readers (yes, the appellation describes you to a tee) here has submitted exactly thirty messages on this beautiful summer day. Nothing else has to be said.

    • I twy to get my chubby hubby to wead mowe, but to no avaiw. Thuch ath thith awticwe:

    • OK, so in past you've been a Great Society Democrat, a "rock-ribbed, card-carrying Republican", an Independent, a Tea Partier & now you're an anti-American, anti-S*m*t*c, *sl*mo-Marxist, extreme Forward Left redistributive Socialist Democrat.

      If, as you claim, it's because of the GOP abortion plank (same as in years you voted Republican), then why not join the Libertarian Party for your feeble protest vote? You'd get to vote for another Johnson, as you loved the previous one so much.

      The reason of course is that your real reason for joining the socialists is because you've become a client of the state welfare cheat qu**n.

    • The sole reason for your original post was one thing -- to gain yourself some attention.

      You posted the message simply because you knew people would react like Pavlov's dogs and provide you the attention you crave.

      And the people are stupid enough to fall for it every time.

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      • So what does your message say about you? Are you like one of Pavlov's dogs? YOU "fell for it," didn't you? Actually, there was no desire on my part for the unwanted attention of board simpletons. I'm very frustrated that I'm faced with the choice of voiting for a man who is one of the worst presidents in American history as opposed to the alternative of voting for someone completely unqualified for the office and who was a flop in his stint as Massachusetts governor. This is absolutely the worst choice to be foisted on American citizens since the equally-distasteful 1964 contest between LBJ and Barry Goldwater. That was the only other time besides now for me to vote for a Democrat for president.

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    • Работа на этом, Ruffnuts, вы вонючие знак в нечеловеческих мусор!

    • Commie, anti-Semitic, anti-American, substance-abusing birds of a feather flocking together.

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