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  • xquestor xquestor Aug 29, 2012 12:34 PM Flag

    Crazy high return on this new naked put investement in the I'm Loaded #1 account


    While I am on the subject of selling put options; I see that you are always selling these put option contracts on stocks that have risen in price like JCP or on stocks that are well off their lows.

    PUT options should only be sold on stocks that have pulled back in price, hit a bottom, have become very undervalued, have a sound business and the theoretical value of the options is much less then the trade price for the options being sold.

    It is very clear that you do not know what you are doing!


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    • You should have taken my advise!


    • I look at the reward/risk ratio. It doesn't matter to me if the stock has recently risen or not when I can get a return of over 30% on a $26 stock and I'm selling TEN-strike naked puts and the low for the year on the stock is around $18. This is an absolute gift and I'm not about to turn down such things for my clients.

      My record in non-crash markets speaks for itself. I don't think there's a person in the country that can match the returns that I am achieving these days and I'm achieving them on the safest of investments to boot.

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      • If you are not calculating the theoretical value of the option and comparing it to the bid / ask for the option in question; you have no idea if you are making a great trade or a lousy trade.

        Without the proper information, you are flying blind.

        You would have been better off if you had sold the JAN 14 $8 puts at .58c as the THEO VALUE is only .044c per share VS the $10 put at .83c with a THEO VALUE of .141c.

        The $8 strike put options gives over twice the return with 20% less risk.

        You claim to be a financial whiz; but I just do not understand how you can blunder and make such a poor trade.

        Ignoring the obvious is just plain stupid FIZZY; especially if you represent yourself as a financial adviser.


      • You have practically no returns.

        Anyone who traded last year's beaten down stocks, like BAC, NFLX & SHLD, buying on the tax loss selling in Dec, exactly as your betters urged you to wait for, has infinitely beaten your non-returns.

        As always, your childish impatience & gambling addiction compelled you to dive in maniacally & too early.

        Also buying last year's top performers has worked, like PCLN & CRM.

        Just trading stocks always beats your pathetic non-returns in insane options gambling. You still have not netted a profit "investing" for over 50 years.

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