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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Aug 31, 2012 8:08 PM Flag

    The weasel words in Romney's speech that will effectively end his chances

    He said that he would uphold to the utmost "the sanctity of marriage and of life."

    That puts him completely out of touch with moderate views on gay rights and especially on women's rights. It's just asinine for him to say that he supports life in the form of a month-old mass of protoplasm and won't allow a 15-year-old girl who has been forcibly raped to abort the fetus. That's protecting life? What about the life of the girl who has already had such a traumatic experience? She should NOT have to carry the fetus to term just for the sake of a prospective adoptive parent down the road.

    I'm a human being with feelings before I'm into economics, etc. and I absoutely cannot support someone who feels like Romney does. He talked about freedom of religion at the end of his speech but what about freedom FROM ridiculous extremist religious ideas?

    So even though I think that Obama belongs in the bottom quintile of American presidents, he's still getting my vote this year.

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    • FIZZY.
      You make so much up in your mind and portray it as real life that I am convinces you are severely delusional; even when the truth is totally contrary to your comments.

      Any woman who is truly raped and goes to the authorities will receive medical treatment by doctors. Do you truly think that the medical community would not resolve the pregnancy problem.


    • a passing shot as in tennis for repubs,unlike spector,LOL.


      Commissioned by the FRC, so suspect, but fits in with trend of other polls since Akin's outbreak of foot in mouth syndrome, & with prior polling & voting on Obamacare. McCaskill, so contemptuous of her constituents' wishes & so beholden to Reid & Pelosi, remains highly unpopular.

    • How dare you lie, libeling decent, honest, hardworking citizens as "perverts" when in actual, stubborn fact your beloved butt buddy Alan the Westchester Molester is an actual factual admitted pervert, leering through the blinds at & drooling over neighbor kids aged eight to 11, Ruffnuts?

      Ruffturd the pervert

      Sorry, but I rate you the way I see you. I call a spade a spade.

      I've been on this board for the past three years and every week without fail you bring up the subject of one having his nose in someone else's rump or zipper. What conclusion are we supposed to draw, bonehead? Your lack of sophistication leaves you open to all types of interpretations, fool that you are. It's rather odd that you would be too feeble-minded to grasp something as easy as this, ninny!

      If you're such a hardworking individual, then why do you tell us of all the unceasing fun you're having going to all your villas you own around the world, dunderhead?

      You keep calling the Guru a liar, but could it be that you being a liar quickly recognizes one, twerp?

    • Conditions completely changed with then Akin remarks. Suddenly, a relatively-minor issue like abortion just couldn't be ignored as in the past.

      What's a pity is that Romney suddenly had a rare opportunity to show REAL leadership. Such opportunities just don't occur that often but THERE IT WAS - right in front of his face.

      All he had to do was to SEIZE THE DAY and demand that the GOP eliminate the objectionable plank on penalty of his withdrawing from the race. That would have been an almost certain winner - no way would he have failed to get his way.

      And by taking that stance, he would have gained far more votes from moderates and independents than votes lost from the extreme right.

      Opportunity won't be knocking again. HE had the opportunity to do something about how the race was going but is now reduced to having to hope that Obama makes a major gaffe in the debates or that Netanyahu decides on an October surprise.

      What a wasted opportunity on Romney's part. You won't hear the political commentators say much more about this but you sure are going to hear ME talk a lot more about it. Romney had the needle-changer he was looking for right in his hip pocket and he failed to seize the moment.

      Leaders will instinctively lead while lesser lights don't have a clue. O for what might have been.

    • The Akin contretemps turned a relatively insignificant issue into a matter that just screamed for leadership. Leadership which Romney absolutely failed to provide.

      Given the adverse publicity generated, it just was no longer good enough for him to say that he personally would have allowed for an abortion in that situation without leading in the change of that plank. He just couldn't hide by saying that he would strenuously affirm right to life - not after THAT incident.

      So while previous GOP candidates could more or less just fluff off the objectionable plank, Romney simply could not. The fact that he did effectively ended his chances in my eyes. That is backed up by what has happened the last few days in the Iowa Electronic Markets.

    • Career accounting managers know how to LEAD whereas lowly career STAFF accountants only know how to FOLLOW.

      What would you possibly know about demonstrating real LEADERSHIP?

    • Here is an excerpt from your post:

      and just what would have romney do if the party doesn't change that one plank in the platform? WITHDRAW HIS NOMINATION???????

      That is EXACTLY what I would have expected him to do. It's what I would have done unhesitatingly in that position. And if he did demand that the GOP remove that plank, what do you suppose would have happened? Was the party going to go scrambling for a substitute candidate at this late date just because of that one plank?

      OF COURSE the objectionable plank would have been removed and Romney would have stamped himself as a leader capable of getting results.

      He had every opportunity to lead regarding this matter but he completely FUMBLED THE FOOTBALL. Clearly the situation called for a little "My way or the highway." Yours truly wouldn't have flunked the acid test.

    • Romney's lead is liable to be extended by the freak show soon to be playing in Charlotte.

      Featured acts will be the 300#, bearded tattooed ladies. The three ring circus will be completed by the sad clown Biden & the elephant in the rooms, thousands of terrorist-backing M*sl*ms praying toward Mecca.

    • Romney himself isn't that extreme; he allows abortion in cases of rape and incest. But given the magnitude of the outcry against Akin and the fact that Romney called for him to resign his candidacy, Romney just had to take a leadershiop position and demand of his party that it change the extremist plank. Failure to do that is what lost him my vote.

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