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  • alanisstillhere alanisstillhere Sep 2, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    It's the hunk factor, stupid

    It has been indisputably proven to you that women did not vote for JFK or Reagan. Clinton won because of Perot.

    You have been asked repeatedly to show a single shred of evidence that women, single or marred, voted for JFK or Reagan more than did men. You can't.

    Therefore, you'll lose again this year as every year.

    Obviously reality is not your bag, liar.

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    • The big fat slob is a blithering ignoramus loon & lying idiot.

      Reagan's very worst demographic group by sex & marital status was single women.

      Data on whether JFK did relatively better or worse with single women than married women the liar refuses to show. There were fewer single female voters in 1960 than now, of course, since the vast majority of women over 21 were married. He did probably carry the nun vote, however.

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