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  • mackgreene33 mackgreene33 Sep 9, 2012 7:46 AM Flag

    Obama attemping to re-colonize America for Britain - old war still being fought

    The very very simple but well covered truth.

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    • we have enough zombies forgot your machine in rew-search,200+years to go and we don't want it,LOL.

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      • You must be a member of the illiterate youth. WE ALL THOUGHT that people like you, members of the illterate youth, were responsible for voting in Obama, but then we remember that he has shipped in tens of millions of international people on taxpayer dollars and offered them complete lives on taxpayer dollars.

        Why? Because its a vote. Derrr. Now how many people have we (taxpayers who watch it happen without fighting it) shipped in to vote for Obama?

        And lets not forget how many dead people are going to vote for him, as well as all of the people in the prison systems who have also had their lives upgraded and paid for by liberals like Obama who have upgraded the prison systems to gain votes.

        My my my....Talk about thugs controlling things, most of them are less educated than the average college graduate now and it's starting to show. They look like something from the movie Good Fellas now.

        This is because while we've been living their hell of a world, they've been on vacation and haven't adapted their personalities to the reality of the world. They certainly might do this eventually...but...yea...pretty obvious we're talking about some morally-ungrounded goonies who can't even outthink the public they created...It's looking like they are suffering from dementia or some other widespread mental ailment tied to the lack of God's law in their heart.

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