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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Sep 20, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    Obama Surges in Polls Following Another Bad Jobs Report

    Today's new claims for un-employment report came in with more new claims than expected and was consistent with a poor jobs market. Employers remain unwilling to hire given the uncertainty surrounding President Obama's anti-capitalism campaign and threats to raise their taxes.

    The number of people dropping out of the work force (eg: giving up) is now at an all time high. When these people are included in the unemployment numbers, we are well into double-digit unemployment rates.

    On the current trajectory of Federal deficits, the U.S. is projected to exceed the debt-to-GDP ratio of Greece in approximately 3 years... meaning U.S. economic crisis 1 year before Mr. Obama's next term expires. The current debt-to-GDP ratio of the U.S. is worse than all but 5 European countries.

    In spite of all of othis, President Obama's lead over Mitt Romney in the polls is surging and, unless Mr. Romney can overcome the voting power of the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes... and the 49% of U.S. households containing at least one person who collects government benefits...

    ... then Mr. Romney will lose... and a continuation of the policies of the past 4 years will, in no uncertain terms whatsoever, bankrupt our country.

    When Mr. Romney stated that he would not re-appoint Ben Bernanke to the fed, Mr. Bernanke unleashed a massive printing of money to support Mr. Obama's re-election efforts. In that regard, almost every economist is warning that the printing presses will create inflation and de-base the dollar... but it appears that that is the price we'll have to pay to get Obama re-elected and continue the government-spending gravy train. 40 cents of every dollar Mr. Obama is spending is borrowed... leading to $1.2 trillion annual deficits. It may be Lunacy, but Mr. Bernanke wants to keep his job and he won't if Romney is elected.

    I don't think we'll overcome Mr. Obama's appeal to those who acquiesce to the class warfare argument and have learned to hate capitalism in favor of our march toward socialism. Unless America can rise up and be the proud people we once were so long ago, I think we're finished as a society in a few short years.

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