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  • pebble.ubetcha pebble.ubetcha Oct 4, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    after the A#### whoooping obama got last night

    does anyone really believe he's gonna do any better in the next debate about foreign affairs?

    (especially with the libya and netenyahu stories that are rampant)

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    • "I love how you take my words and twist them, has anyone questioned romney's, has anyone (who is a supporter) ever asked how he plans on doing good on all his promises with a detailed Because he is like a grandfather figure. His business knowledge and ability to present himself is the reason you feel more "safe" with him. To me personally, he seems too condescending as a person (as I am sure many of you know this type coming from a business background). As a presenter however, he is extremely well oriented in his ability to sway PO and exudes enough confidence to make others perceive things are all right when they're not. That is why I have my "vote" placed in the Obama pile."

      Nobody twisted your words. The above is a classic example of opinion without a single fact. If you haven't seen Romney attacked on these boards because of his religion, you aren't paying attention. You said nothing in the above message other than opinion. Learn the difference between opinion and fact and then post where Romney said he was opposed to cutting spending. Even Big Bird knows Romney is for cutting spending. There will be no reply from me unless you past fact. Pack it in Yahoo User, you are failing here.

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      • Nobody twisted my words(?) just did so by not including the first and last paragraph of that post. The first paragraph detailed a number of clear FACTS that I then used to formulate an opinion, maybe it is you who should learn the difference between the two. In the excerpt you took out of my full post (aka the "twisted words" message above) I detailed my opinion of why I believe Romney supporters support him. Where did I get this information? From well educated Canadians who have been following the debate and electoral campaigns just like Americans have, so do not tell me I am not paying attention or am only posting opinion. I have done unbiased "research" (used loosely of course) to formulate an opinion based on facts, while mentioning facts before hand. Also, the fact that everytime I ask "Has Romney said, in detail, what it is he will do to help you with factual evidence?" the answer is always either very vague regarding some "promises" he's made or it is completely disregarded. That is not opinion, that is fact as I have not come across one person up here in "my igloo" (as most Americans think we live in the snow constantly) that can detail to me what his plan is. I am not speaking to miscreants on the street or people who work in sectors unrelated to business, economics etc. I am speaking to economics professors, executives and business majors who all understand the crisis at hand. Maybe you should stop holding yourself in such high regard with the "There will be no reply from me unless you post fact" because you're the one then who has clearly not been paying attention. All of my posts (except for this one) have contained factual evidence that support my arguments, it is you who have somehow justified disregarding my comments as opinions when you yourself are doing so out of an opinion based system.

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    • Romney has no clue what to do. Maybe his advisors will devise some crib notes for him.

    • Romney won on style. Lacked subtance. He's going to create 12 million jobs. Yeah right!! Must be going to start a war to get more into the military and call that employment.

    • oll Date Sample MoE Obama (D) Romney (R) Spread
      RCP Average 9/27 - 10/4 -- -- 49.0 46.0 Obama +3.0
      Rasmussen Reports 10/4 - 10/4 500 LV 4.5 50 49 Obama +1
      WeAskAmerica 10/4 - 10/4 1200 LV 3.0 46 47 Romney +1
      NBC/WSJ/Marist 9/30 - 10/1 931 LV 3.2 51 43 Obama +8
      PPP (D) 9/27 - 9/30 897 LV 3.3 49 45 Obama +4

      The huge outlier NBC poll shows 11 points more Democrats & leaning Democrat than GOP. Ridiculous.

      The PPP poll also can't be trusted, since it's by a Democrat firm.

      Take those two September, cooked book polls out, & it's tied in the two current, valid polls.

    • Romney just got a whooping he couldn't afford in the jobs numbers. He is toast.

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      • As Jack Welch & every other honest analyst & economist observed, the books are obviously cooked. Bloomberg before the BLS (drop the L) numbers came out predicted 115,000 added jobs & 8.2% unemployment (U-3). Obama's flunk bureaucrats somehow turned only 114,000 jobs into a 7.8% seasonally adjusted rate. Their adjustments are like PFE's to earnings.

        If you think cooked books are going to save Obama, keep whistling past the graveyard, loser!

        Bye, bye birdie on Nov 7. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    • Obama is in trouble with foreign policy. As thugs have us under seige, Obama campaigns in Las Vegas. Not good!

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      • Thanks to his business career, Romney has far more foreign experience than did Obama in 2008. And The One's presidency hasn't educated him much, as evinced by his failure to meet with world leaders in NYC when they were at the UN, but instead hanging out with Letterman & being adulated on the View.

        Romney will massacre him in the third debate. Politely & respectfully, of course.

    • Is a A## whopping covered under Obamacare ?

    • even worse than his performance last night, are the excuses he's making today to avoid simply accepting the fact that he got his A###### kicked!!!!

    • Sitting presidents have a history of doing poorly in first debates as they tend to be too defensive. Ensuing debates, however, are entirely different. When the debate is about foreign policy, Obama will be talking about winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and about killing Bin Laden. What can Romney really say about foreign policy as he has absolutely no experience in that domain?

      Obama may not have been at the top of his game last night but he made no serious gaffes whatsoever and that really matters. Romney is in the position of a fighter in a championship bout who had a very good 11th round after having fallen hopelessly behind. He still absolutely needs a KNOCKOUT to win and if Obama doesn't make any serious gaffes, he's just not going to get that knockout.

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      • "Obama may not have been at the top of his game last night but he made no serious gaffes whatsoever and that really matters."

        Obama made a serious mistake when he addressed the American people at the end of the debate

        He never looked into the camera in his final 2 minuets; whereas Romney looked directly into the camera for his entire 2 minuets as he spoke to America.


      • "Obama may not have been at the top of his game last night but he made no serious gaffes whatsoever and that really matters."

        Obama made a serious mistake when he addressed the American people at the end of the debate

        He never looked into the camera in his final 2 minuets; whereas Romney looked directly into the camera for his entire 2 minuets as he spoke to America.


      • Did you see the polls after the debate?

        Romney did KO Obama. No candidate has ever suffered a more thorough defeat in a presidential debate. CNN had Romney winning with 67% of the sample.

        You're also as always 100% wrong about sitting presidents' performance. Carter did well in the first debate, then was totally owned by Reagan in the second one, leading to a 20 point swing from the polls to the final result.

        Can you possibly really be so out to lunch as not to realize that Romney will destroy Obama on foreign policy? His administration is responsible for the deaths in Libya, then blatantly tried to lie their way out of the disaster, making things worse for Americans in Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan & elsewhere. His precipitous withdrawal from Iraq handed the country over to Iran & his policies in Afghanistan have only emboldened the Taliban. You are an idiot.

        You exist in a fool's paradise.

    • Obama could reprise Algore, in which a different personality showed up for each of the three debates.

      • 1 Reply to chlamydiapapiloma
      • May I ask this question in a serious forum...I am a Canadian (get your jokes out now) and have been watching the presidential election/debate so far and need to understand what the American people think is going on. Mitt Romney is not a bad guy and he has clearly done well both as a governor and business man...however, I think he is trying to put the American people into a perspective that Obama is trying to create that 1970's feeling of "The Man" trying to take corporate America and telling you what you can and can't do...that is a socialist/communistic (?) viewpoint and by him thinking he can make the American people believe this thought, that is why he will win the race. He is more focused on keeping the individual states a free body within a conglomerate of other states while working together to unify the country as opposed to working as one country with a subset of states governing certain regions. This idea is the "corporate structure" that many business' use as the model for their organization and is why he is so fond of this theory. Now onto Obamacare...I understand many of you feel as if you're being "robbed" or "forced" into paying more in order to benefit the little guy who can't fend for himself but that is what a government does. As a member of a healthcare system that is extremely similar to that of Obamacare, yes there are long wait times/yes, we do have a higher tax rate (lower for corporations, which is what obama is trying to change)/and yes the poor, sick, less fortunate all do benefit because of everyone else's success...however, I will always have healthcare (no matter what) and can decrease my insurance costs by getting a plan (all individually) that will perform the basic needs I have and subsidize my costs of medication as most other basic necessities are COVERED.

        I know that any surgeries, doctors visits and medical benefits are not constantly at a cost to me...and the surgeries/procedures I may need are not limited by the government telling me I can not have them, but by trained professionals telling me this is what is recommended and this is what's covered. Most of the time cancer treatments, diabetes,flu vaccines etc. are all covered by universal healthcare and those additional treatments that aren't covered you will pay for, not strange since you seem to be paying for everything as it is...but the difference is universal Obamacare allows you to not have to pay for things you will already have as a citizen of the US. As with any system put in place, there are loopholes...people will want to specialize in order to make more money (which benefits the consumer in terms of the experience the doctor has in dealing with a situation) but also allows those with money to not be "held" from pursuing other medical options and receiving a better standard of care than is given by the government. So no, Obamacare is not trying to tell you what to do, Obama is not trying to be "The Man" he is trying to unify your country after W. decided to make it a joke...he is trying to put in a place a system where everyone receives benefits of the country and in turn allows growth, but is not saying those who have had success should be limited to the governments standards...and he has done this all with explaining himself and the details. That is where my "vote" lies, as Mitt Romney (although a good businessman/leader and a powerful presence) has not detailed HOW he plans on allowing you as Americans to benefit through cutting will in fact lose benefits and incurr more debt as the math behind it, clearing lets say at the high point 150-250 billion dollars in "loopholes/standards" that are not necessary will in no way give you the financial stability to make Americans more secure. I do understand his approach on increasing jobs as it is the main idea behind a business....competition! He is trying to make America a competitive "industry/firm" where people will generate more money through business' lowering rates, allowing consumers to spend more and "increase profits for business". This will then allow business' to higher more workers and decrease the unemployment rate to below 8%. However, he does not mention how in order for business' to decrease price that means labour and manufacturing costs will have to decrease so that margins (in order to make profit, you are all educated so you all understand) may increase. How is this done you ask...well that is either OUTSOURCING PRODUCTION AND LABOUR which in turn will decrease the amount of jobs in America as the costs for employment are too great, OR by making business' have lower profit margins but by lowering prices "should increase spending by consmers" which "may" lead to gains in the future...see how this does not either cut taxes for consumers to increase spending, cut taxes for business to increase profit margin, outsource labour and manufacturing thus decreasing local job growth, or use Obama's system by cutting tax for consumers but increasing tax for corporations (who have the most money) and reducing bursaries and federal grants to them (which many of them are not hurting for) in order for the consumer to spend more, generate more revenue for business'/corporations which will give them the ability to higher more workers...its the difference between a top down approach aka Hiearchical system outdated in the new "growth" of the business sector (Romney) or a bottom up approach where you create a foundation to work from which allows you to then generate more revenue for business', creating more cash for them to initiate more job growth (Obama)...both methods may work in the short term and in fact one might work better than the other but it is about the future of the country not the next four years. You need to put a system in place that will help the country grow not diminsh its value like the "diminishing returns" theory in basic economics, where marginal gains are only so great to a certain point until the process eventually starts depleting the overall benefits and makes it become a cost. This is my analysis of your current situation, so how is it many of you are still at a loss in understanding what is actually happening?

        By the way, Pfizer is a great company. :P

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