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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 8, 2012 1:27 AM Flag

    Another midnight close in the Iowa Electronic Markets

    The close less than a half hour ago was 71.1 cents for Obama. The range in the five days since the debate has been 67.0 low and 72.5 cents high on a closing basis. Romney had his bump right after the debate but has now stalled out and would seem toe out of miracles.

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    • abc world news tonight romney won by 72%,bammy 20%.the iowa pcs are as old as you are cause nobody uses them,they are as old as your rotary phone,LMAO.

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    • Why don't you quote the correct market? You make yourself look bad and ignorant!


    • Obama gained today in Rasmussen's three-day tracking poll of likely voters, from Romney up two points to tied, perhaps in response to the bogus unemployment household survey numbers.

      But in the seven-day Gallup tracking poll of registered voters, Obama dropped from up three points to tied. That survey still contains pre-debate polling, days when Obama was up five.

      The presidential race is tied with a month to go. The next three debates probably won't have the same effect, but Biden & Obama are liable to lose them, because their case for reelection is so weak. And because Biden is an idiot. Palin beat him like a drum, so Ryan should mop the floor with the doddering old fool, who was a young fool when first sent to the Senate 40 years ago.

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      • The Gallup tracking poll tie is in the three days after the debate. The seven day Gallup still shows Obama up 5 among registered voters. Gallup suddenly started showing Obama move ahead after AG (aka Gestapo Fueher) Holder threatened to shut them down.

      • If the race was really and truly tied, those betting real money in the Iowa Electronic Markets and Intrade wouldn't be laying $70 to win just $30. Gallup and especially Rasmussen are out of touch this year and I think that inability to reach young i-Phone users who greatly favor Obama has a lot to do with it. When it comes to whether gamblers or pollsters are more accurate, I'll go with the gamblers anytime - it isn't even close. Obama should win the election by three to four percentage points or about 4 to 5 million votes. In the electoral college, a 100-vote margin wouldn't at all surprise me as he continues to hold 3 percentage point kind of margins in all key states other than North Carolina.when Rasmussen and Purple Strategies polls are excluded.

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