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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 9, 2012 1:17 AM Flag

    RSI loses 4.7 points to close at 71.1

    It's the fifth consecutive session with a close in nosebleed territory over 70 and the eleventh consecutive close above 65. Both are record streaks since I started following this indicator over two years ago.

    Today's loss of 12 cents a share was actually the largest Pfizer daily loss since Sept. 14. It's pretty amzing that in 17 sessions there hasn't been as much as a 0.5% daily decline on a closing basis.

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      Re: $29 by 12/31/08 and $31 by 1/31/09 or I leave 30-Nov-07 10:46 am

      I said categorically that there are NO excuses and no force majeure. Pfizer sees $29 by year-end 2008 or I'm gone with the exception of twice-weekly valuation updates. I also must see $31 by 1/31/09 or I'm also gone. I told folks to get maniacal on Pfizer when it was at $24.29 and I must be able to see folks that took my advice triple their money by the end of 2008 in order for me to remain on this board. Range theory tells me that Pfizer cannot be prevented from busting through $29 resistance before 2008 is out. I'm putting my money, my credibility and my ability to continue posting here on that assertion. Yes - I am that positive that I'm willing to risk having to leave the board - and without really getting much out of this self-imposed wager either. Make no mistake about it - 2008 is the year that Pfizer shakes loose and makes small fortunes for properly- leveraged investors.


      chrt13 said quite clearly and precisely, "I said categorically that there are NO excuses and no force majeure. " Then he said on 13-Apr-08:

      Re: How my Loser Leaves the Board bets are faring... 13-Apr-08 07:04 pm

      I no longer have a bet with myself. My better half reminded me just what a valuable resource I am here and prevailed on my worse half to declare Force Majeure again for the greater good. I never like to argue much with my better half - especially when he displays such wisdom.


      Well, any questions?

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