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  • pebble.ubetcha pebble.ubetcha Oct 10, 2012 4:17 PM Flag

    HPQ keeps plummeting

    Didn't somebody here write a ton of HPQ puts with so-called "margin safe" prices higher than the current price?


    i remember "someone " shooting off his BF(STUPID, BIGOTED)M with this statement::

    HPQ ($24.49) hasn't sold below $19 in over seven years. They have 15-strike puts expiring in January currently quoted at $41 bid, $45 asked. If sold at my brokerage using cash as collateral, the nominal ten-month return would be 20.7% and probably more like 23 or 24% with an early out. Do you realize that you wouldn't even earn that much on AAPL if that one goes from $585 to $700? And which do you suppose is more likely - AAPL getting all the way to $700 by January expiry or HPQ merely being able to hold on to the margin-safe price of $16.90?

    today hpq is selling for $14.18 and those puts can be bought back for about $170!!!!!!

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    • wow, i'm really getting (HAHA) "punished" for that one, huh?

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      • May be more that he has no answer for not doing anything for himself, let alone "investors" whom he put into various HPQ naked puts, despite the stock going below the margin safe price. To be precise, either he did nothing or didn't disclose.

        For me, once he claimed that his original basis for Maniacal Methods was 100K, even though the trades couldn't be put on for 100K, it got beyond the point of arguing with him, The dishonesty is so huge that I lost the little interest I had. This one I posted about for the benefit of anybody who may have put on HPQ naked puts (I very much doubt there is anybody, but who knows) and has done nothing since.

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