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  • carolharold123 carolharold123 Oct 14, 2012 11:32 PM Flag

    Superior methods in tracking Obama's margins in battlefield states

    Who knows? He takes what has been the most accurate poll for several cycles out and seems to be totally unaware that if you use Real Clear numbers and simpy add the Romney states to the staes he is now leading, you come up with 273 electors. Romney has been on a roll since the first of the month and if the Dems can't stop the trend, Obama is in real trouble. Obama's best hope is to call in sick on the next debate.

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    • RealClearPolitics has Romney with 191 safe electoral votes and has him leading in Florida (29 EV's, North Carolina (15 EV's) and Colorado (9 EV's). That puts him up to 244 if he wins all three. For my part, I give Romney North Carolina but my methods actually show Obama still ahead in Florida and Colorado.

      If Romney is going to unlikely carry any other battleground state, it would be Virginia (13 EV's). That would give him 257 at most. But any state now in the Obama column beyond Virginia is almost hopeless for Romney. Obama continues to have very hefty leads in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. Needless to say, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are just solidly in the Obama column and shouldn't be considered battleground states.

      If you somehow come up with 273 Romney electoral votes, you are going to have to show me the arithmetic. Besides the 191 electoral votes that RealClearPolitics shows, what states do you think Romney is leading in that would up the total from 191 to 273? Be specific.

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    • He should call in too busy raising illegal money from China.

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