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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Oct 18, 2012 11:53 AM Flag


    Romney in the last debate revealed he would eliminate tax on interest, dividends, and capital gains. What a tax savings for investors. Romney’s plan would let households earning less than $200,000 a year collect capital gains, dividends and interest tax-free. That would encourage more Americans to build cash nest eggs and to own stocks and bonds above and beyond their retirement plans.

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    • Romney has made it clear that if he wins, he'll get rid of Bernanke. And if he got rid of Bernanke, there would be few gains or investment income. BERNANKE is the one who has been responsible for this fabulous stock market - he's much more important in that regard than who occupies the Oval Office. The occupant of the White House still needs Congress to approve his programs while Benanke is able to simply do what he wants to do.

      bernanke is a student of the Great Depression and he knows full.well what happened in 1938 when FDR thought the U.S. was out of the woods and the fed Chairman at the time allowed interest rates to soar in that still-fragile economy.

      Obama isn't exactly my cup of tea; in fact I think that he is one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. Still, he's going to get my vote this year because continued super-low interest rates with Bernanke in there trumps virtually everything else. I'm so much better off now than four years ago it isn't funny and I know full well who was responsible (other than my utilization of superior options methods of course).

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    • no, fool. it would require the lower class (formerly known as the "middle class" to ante up more in other taxes to cover the revenue shortfall. the closest thing there is to a free lunch is having someone else pick up the tab, and that is mitt's _explicit_ plan.

    • That will save about $750 a year for me. Of course, I am one of those super rich guys with an income less than 80K per year. I see that Real Clear now has Romney with 206 electors with Obama at 201. The nice folks at the DNC headquarters aren't going to get much sleep. Almost as good news, Heller now leads Berkley by 6% in Nevada.

    • Romney didn't just reveal it. His position throughout his campaign has been to eliminate taxes on capital gains and interest income............and to abolish the Inheritance Tax.

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    • congrats to you... you take the cake for being the dumbest monica lewinski on the board... romney is ONLY for the rich... he insults everyone's intelligence if they have any.... he just wants to keep the rich's 15% LONG-TERM capital gains that bush gave him. so he offers people who can't afford to qualify for LONG-TERM capital gains an opportunity to gamble with money they don't have so when they need it, they sell the stock at a loss and can only claim it as income or in the case of a loss, deduct 3k per year maximum off the front end of your return which is total income... why he can urinate in front of you and you'll say obama is wearing a romney costume.... the 90's music group TLC sold 75 million dollars worth of music CD's and Clive Davis issued them a check for 50k each while they tour the world exposing their flesh and performing... you're stupid to think the rich have your back. and you ain't rich or you wouldn't be on this board. people on these boards do not qualify for long term capital gains. nobody cares about short-term if they are looking for the capital gains. you need tons of disposable income... romney donating 20 percent of his income is nothing compared to most of us after donating 1 dollar. If i had his money I'd donate at least 50 percent.... He needs to buy his way through life because he's really not likeable... not interested in helping the poor as they have a safety net... let's see how safe he feels having barely enough to eat and diving under his folding table to avoid drive by's outside his run down apt. he'd be committed to a mental institution in less than 3 weeks... take your head out of your rass... stop trying to monica lewinski your way up the pyramid.... you will slide down fast and hard....

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    • kccjfc Oct 19, 2012 12:08 AM Flag


      Obama lies.

    • Women Review Debate 3, Governor Mitt Romney Pasted The Test, Ready to Lead USA
      By USA_Jewish_Women 10 22 2012

      Debate 3: Women's Review: President Obama Was Arrogant, Disrespectfully Angry Condescending to Governor Mitt Romney on Oct 22, 2012.

      Mitt Romney's Stunning turnaround in these past 3 debates

      Obama has lost support among Jewish women voters.

      Most Jews are Turn Against Obama across the 50 states,

      A Jewish Women Focus Group of 7,890 on October 22, 2012

      President Obama Was arrogant, angry, disrespectfully, condescending and much to aggressive, did not look very presidential at all.

      Governor Mitt Romney looked much more presidential, ready to be commander-in-chief. America he said, needs a strong economy in order to have a strong military for our National Security now and in the future.

      We came away from this debate with a very good impression of Mitt Romney, in that he would be a “ a safe pair of hands.”

      We feel he’s tough enough to do what’s necessary, but laid-back enough not to do too much and get us into another war. Romney did not attack President Obama's policies, he simply pointed out a few improvements in a respectable way.

      During the debate Governor Mitt Romney seemed more like the president and Barack Obama more like the candidate and challenger.

      Governor Mitt Romney was calm, thoughtful, relaxed, steady and looked very presidential. He looked and acted ready to take the job as commander-in-chief. Expressed his views on Iran's Nuclear threat and the USA support of Israel, our good friend and ally.

      He impressed us tonight, in that a vote for him is a vote for American security, peace and safety, a strong economy, a strong military, millions of higher paying jobs, prosperity and quiet peaceful life for us and our families.

      The world is much to scary these days; Americans aren’t looking for a scary weak president.

      Tonight we came away with the feeling that President Obama is more the scary one, in America's weaken relationship with Israel, a closer to Nuclear Iran, our weak economy and the huge 16 Trillion Dollars in Debt, that in itself Threatens our National Security.

      We can not afford four more years of president Obama's spending and borrowing another 5 or 6 trillion dollars from countries like China. Our jewish women's focus group therefore endorse Governor Mitt Romney for the next president of the United States of America.

      Obama's Re-Election is very questionable. Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

    • kccjfc Oct 19, 2012 12:08 AM Flag


      Obama lies.

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