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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 19, 2012 2:33 AM Flag

    The latest Rasmussen polls in the key battleground states. Surprise, surprise

    Here are the latest Rasmussen poll results in the battleground states that Romney simply cannot allow Obama to sweep if Romney is to have any chance at all:

    Obama +7. Michigan (10/11 poll). 16 EV's.
    Obama +5. Pennsylvania (.10/09 poll). 20 EV's.
    Obama +2: Wisconsin (10/09 poll) 10 EV's.
    Obama +1: Ohio (10/17 poll). 18 EV's.

    Obama +3 . Nevada (10/15 poll) 06 EV's.
    Obama +2. Iowa (10/7 poll). 06 EV's.

    If even Rasmussen now has Obama leading in these key battleground states, Romney would appear to have virtually no chance no - especially with just one debate remaining and no other apparent catalysts before the election.

    If Obama carries the four upper Midwest states where he has leads of 3.5% to 5.5% in poll averages for the last 30 days, he would be up to 265 electoral votes. Romney would then have to carry Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia and Florida - ALL FIVE and allow Obama to win just New Hampshire's four electoral votes to hold Obama to 269 EV's and throw the race into the house.

    Rasmussen by the way also has Obama leading by 1 in Colorado and New Hampshire. Only in Florida and Virginia does Rasmussen currently have Romney leading.

    In both the Iowa Electronic Market and Intrade, Obama is currently at around 62.5 cents. The midnight closing at the Iowa Electronic Market has been in a range of 61.9 cents to 67.5 cents for the last eleven nights. Romney simply isn't cutting into the lead and time is running out. In the meantime, absentee ballots continue pouring in.

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