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  • quimbyzombie quimbyzombie Oct 27, 2012 1:15 PM Flag

    David Pelka

    Did you ever hear of this new-fangled thing called the Internet? It's even more new-fangled than push button phones.

    Not only Detractor, who may be posting from Italy already, but myself & probably many others had no trouble finding the optical physicist with an interest in bridge on the Net.

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    • It's perfectly obvious that the info came from the Net but the $64,000 question is exactly WHERE on the net do you find such stuff? When I got my name in the New York Times in late March of 1982, it was for a truly significant achievement - a Top Five finish in a NATIONAL tournament. This win was nice to be sure but it was only in a dime-a-dozen regional and i certainly didn't get my name in the NYT for that one. The Los Angeles Times has very little bridge coverage and they would never mention results in just a regional event.

      You know, I have just a bare-bones computer and it didn't come with a users manual of exactly how to find out certain things. You have a big advantage on me as obviously you do have such a manual. Who should I call to get this manual and to then be able to get the kind of info that you get?

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