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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 29, 2012 2:13 AM Flag

    Quimbyzombie, you big phony, I'm calling you out

    I say that if not for Detractor, you would have had no clue as to what my bridge partner's name is. Maybe Detractor and Shovel Ready have the ability to find such info on the net but YOU sure don't.

    I'm sure enough about this that I'm willing to forego posting for the last two weeks of this month if YOU can show me a website where his name was mentioned. No - I don't want to see it from Detractor or Shovel Ready - I want to see it from YOU.

    Put up or shut up. Show me the goods or show this board that you are as phony as a Confederate three-dollar bill. If there is one thing I hate, it's phonies and hypocrites and unfortunately, this board is full of them. And YOU are of that ilk.

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    • What a jackass. Even your inconsequential "achievement" is recorded on the web. A simple search for "disgusting pig wins piddly little card game" returned the information when qualified with "Torrance" and "regional".

      Of course, your betters in the bridge world have managed to create simple web pages with the results of "big" tournaments. It is only you who are hopelessly inept.

    • Hey, idiot, there are only two days left in this month, not two weeks, fool.

      And the last two months of November, you'll be off the board for good anyway, since Romney is likely to win more than 257 electoral votes.

    • So even with the help of all your betters on this board, you really couldn't find the results of the September Orange County Regional, posted by Nancy Boyd? What a cluless, braindead morom.

      Hope you roll out of the smelly sack early today, since Ruffnuts is sure to delete this post as soon as your butt buddy regains consciousness. As you know, I can't post the .pdf link, but here is the relevant portion, which took just seconds to find:

      Compact Knockout Teams
      16 Tables
      20.61 1 David Abelow, la Jolla CA; Diana Marquardt, Del Mar CA; G S Jade Barrett, Elk Point
      SD; Jim Jacobson, Sioux City IA
      14.43 2 V Jay Tipton - Linda Tipton, Irvine CA; John Kissinger - Susan Kissinger, San
      Clemente CA
      9.27 3 Warren Cederborg - Suzanne Cederborg, Visalia CA; Kay Afdahl - Darwin Afdahl, Oro
      Valley AZ
      7.21 4 Cecil Cook, Long Beach CA; Eugene White Jr, Playa del Rey CA; Barbara Lasky, Fawnskin
      CA; Subba Ravipudi, Downey CA
      16 Tables
      10.65 1 Marge Meyer, Newport Beach CA; Lola Jolly, Laguna Hills CA; Heidi Current - Dave
      Current, Palm Desert CA
      7.46 2 Diana Black, Newport Beach CA; Jerry Schreider, Irvine CA; David Lodge, Rancho Mirage
      CA; Stan Kosowski, Anaheim CA
      4.79 3 Allan Palansky, Sherman Oaks CA; Neal Kleiner, San Pedro CA; Robert Garin, San Diego
      CA; Claude Le Feuvre, Van Nuys CA
      3.73 4 Alan Daniels - David Pelka, Los Angeles CA; Yurii Mukhin, Altadena CA; Audrey Ellis,
      Newport Beach CA
      16 Tables
      7.68 1 Thomas Jones - Barbara Jones, Canyon Cntry CA; George MacDonald, Agua Dulce CA;
      Theodore Maki, Northridge CA
      5.38 2 Leslie Levine, Mission Viejo CA; Meg Casalaspi, Laguna Beach CA; Barbara Pierce -
      Sharon Forslund, San Clemente CA
      3.46 3 Philippe Lamoise, Solana Beach CA; Dae Leckie, Laguna Woods CA; Kevin Chaisson, San
      Diego CA; Judy Alvord, Laguna Niguel CA
      2.69 4 John Jonas - Linda Jonas, Dana Point CA; Ronald Bowen, Lake Forest CA; Fran Blattner,
      San Clemente CA
      16 Tables
      6.24 1 Berit Neff, Indio CA; Patricia Rock, Santa Ana CA; Anne Harrington, Huntington Bch
      CA; Barbara Shukov, Los Altos Hills CA
      4.37 2 Booth Tarkington, Rncho Pls Vrd CA; Joanna Wallis, San Pedro CA; Nanci Schultz, Rcho
      Palos Vrds CA; Norman Imberman, Rolling Hls Est CA
      2.81 3 Paul Taylor - Bonnie Humes - Jacey Humes, San Diego CA; Raghubir Mathur, Poway CA
      2.18 4 Billur Wallerich, Newport Beach CA; Doris Wheatcroft, Huntington Bh CA; Greta Shewan
      - Brenda Strugatz, Laguna Woods CA
      16 Tables
      4.92 1 Eric Juline - David Hawkins, San Diego CA; Helen Goldstein, La Jolla CA; Peter Clark,
      la Jolla CA
      3.44 2 Kathryn Luft - Lyndon Ma, Yorba Linda CA; Joshua Rottschaefer - Patricia
      Rottschaefer, Orange CA
      2.21 3 Gary Waldron - Carol Foster, Laguna Beach CA; James George - Susan George, San
      Clemente CA
      1.72 4 Linda Monroe, Rancho Santa Fe CA; Drucilla Field, Encinitas CA; Claire Steuernagel -
      Linda Atkinson, Carlsbad CA

      Buh-bye, big fat loser loon! Never, ever question your betters.

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