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  • alanisstillhere alanisstillhere Oct 29, 2012 7:46 PM Flag

    Final end of the Chartcurse! After almost 11 years of polluting Yahoo boards, humans are at last rid

    of the smelly odium of Alan J. Daniels!

    Having lost the fools' own lamebrained wager with QZ, Chartnuts is gone for two weeks, but just eight days from now, we'll know that, as all here knew as soon as the loser claimed Romney was toast, Alan will be gone for good, when the GOP candidate wins more than 257 electoral votes.

    So Alan's last post has already been spewed. The loon had ample opportunity to say which board the liar would stink up next, but now we'll never know. No loss there.

    So long, sucker!

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    • Obviously you are incapable of handling even simple arithmetic. If Romney takes Florida and South Carolina as expected, he will be up to 235 electoral votes. There are two tossup states - Virginia with 13 electoral votes and Colorado with 9 and if Romney should carry both, he'd be up to 257. But I see little chance of him carrying any other state where Obama enjoys leads of 1.9% or more and there are almost no apparent catalysts betweeen now and Election Day.

      At worst I'd be off the board in February but even that is a long shot as I think that Colorado will ultimately end up in the Obama column.

      Sentiment: Buy

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