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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Oct 30, 2012 12:22 PM Flag

    Obama is at a 4-day high close on the Iowa Electronic Market

    The Gallup Organization will be on its way to becoming defunct a week from today. They just won't be able to survive showing Romney ahead by five points when those wagering actual money in the Iowa Electronic Markets see a three-point win for Obama. In the Iowa market and at Intrade, speculators are more than willing to lay $8 on Obama to win just five.

    Even Rasmussen isn't as much of a GOP outlier now as it was about a month ago. If I was in the Gallup Organization, I'd certainly have to wonder why this poll is so very much different than virtually every other poll. It just HAS to be the methodology; Gallup simply hasn't kept up with new technologies such as the i-Phone. Such users aren't being contacted by the pollsters and for the most part, they are the younger set who overwhelmingly favor Obama.

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    • Fuzzy. When you use multiple negative comments in a conversation and have no factual material to back those statements; do you know what that makes you?

      Everyone on this board knows, but you!


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    • You blithering ignoramus liar!

      As has been repeatedly shown you, Gallup actually interviews more cell phone users than their actual share of the population, forced to do so by Holder's threats of legal action. As a result their share of the white vote is several percent lower than reality.

      You have yet to explain what makes an iPhone different for polling purposes from any other cell phone.


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