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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Nov 6, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    What an incredible "homer" Larry Kudlow is

    I long ago had my "measly million" and I'm currently halfway along on my second million. I'm now wealthier than my aunt ever was and she was two decades older than I am now.

    Joe was my dad's name and he was far from an options genius. However, with all of the tiny humility that I'm able to muster up, I feel very comfortable with the sobriquet of options genius - only in my case it's Alan Options Genius and not Joe.

    Obviously there will be no reason to move my posting activities to another board as I will easily win my bet. Given what a numbers maven I am and given how carefully I chose OVER 257 electoral votes as the threshold, you didn't really think there was much of a chance of me losing, did you?

    Yours truly,

    Alan Options Genius

    Sentiment: Buy

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