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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Nov 7, 2012 12:31 PM Flag

    Rasmussen missed by an average of 4.1% in the eleven battleground states

    Here's how much he was off state by state:

    7.5%. CO (Obama won by 4.5%, Rasmussen had Romney by 3.
    6.6%. IA (Obama won by 5.6%, Rasmussen forecast Romney by 1
    6.5%. WI (Obama won by 6.5%, Rsmussen saw it as a tie
    5.0%. VA (Obama won by 3.0%, Rasmussen projected Romney by 2
    4.6%. NV (Obama won by 6.6%, Rasmussen called it Obama by 2
    3.8%. NC (Romney won by 2.2%, Rasmussen thought he would win by 6
    3.4%. NH (Obama won by 5.4%, Rasmussen had him by 2\
    3.2%. MI (Obama won by 8.2%, Rasmussen thought it would be by 5.
    2.5%. FLA (Obama is leading by 0.5%, Rasmussen projected Rasmussen by 2
    1.9%. OH (Obama won by 1.9%, Rasmussen forecast a tie
    0.1%. PA (Obama won by 5.1%, Rasmussen thought it would be 5.

    Yours truly told this board early on just what a GOP outlier Rasmussen was this year and now we see the proof. When it comes to crunching numbers, I'm among the best. About the only one who may be better is the peerless Nate Silver.

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