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  • avanipgold avanipgold Nov 9, 2012 3:17 PM Flag

    Just before the first debate I predicted that Obama would win by over 100 electoral votes


    Have you really not noticed, Numbers Ninny, that PFE trades around $24, as your betters said it would, not the over $42 you claimed as a sure thing for 2012 for years?

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    • It's plain in my mind as to who the numbers ninny is. You've been claiming all along PFE would be in the area of 15.00$ to 18.00$ by the year 2015. Of course you wouldn't recall this as you use as many aliases as dogs have fleas.

      We've had our fill with your ignorant predictions about this past election. You claim to always know better than anyone else and yet couldn't even come close in your prognosis. As usual, the guru is always right and you're forever wrong. Why do you think so many here loathe you. It's because your knowledge and comprehension of things as a whole is sub-par. One can have the best of education, but you'll find out in the end that it's the one with common sense that usually wins. But stick around and your mentor will instill some erudition in your system and all your self-importance will dissipate in time.

    • Earlier in the year I certainly didn't hear from any "betters" that Pfizer would have a close above $26 before 2012 was out. But yours truly, numbers man extraordinaire continued to predict exactly that in accordance with the nearly-infallible Pfizer 23.7% Minimum Annual Closing Range Theory which has now worked without exception for at least 31 consecutive years.

      It is now apparent to me that the year 2013 won't end without seeing a Pfizer close at least as high qs $28.50.

      Sentiment: Buy

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