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  • avanipgold avanipgold Nov 10, 2012 5:56 AM Flag

    Just before the first debate I predicted that Obama would win by over 100 electoral votes


    No, fool, in FL as everywhere else, fraud is almost entirely Democrat. The "irregularities" in FL in 2000 were caused by Democrat election officials, & suppression of the GOP vote by the media calling the state too soon, indeed while people still stood in line to vote in the Panhandle, in the Central Time Zone. Are you completely ignorant of everything?

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    • Obviously YOU are ignorant of the fact that in 2000, the leading election official in Florida was a REPUBLICAN. Also, the media is tasked with reporting the news and calling the election in Florida before some Panhandle voters cast ballots iwas hardly some kind of plot..

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      • An independent hand recount of ALL the counties by USA Today and others proved that if just the counties in dispute were hand-recounted, Bush still would have won the election. But interestingly enough, if there had been a hand recount of the entire state as the Bush campaign offered early on, Gore would have won. The Supreme Court didn't decide that election; the failure of the Gore campaign to accept Bush's early offer is what lost it for him.

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