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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Nov 16, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    Two big problems for me with established threads under the new format

    1) I no longer can tell without clicking just who posted the last message on the thread.

    2) I often simply cannot find more-recent messages for a thread. There were apparently several new messages in the last day or two on the thread started last month by hotpanera2 regarding HPQ plummeting. I really wanted to see what those messages had to say but the simple truth is that I absolutely cannot find those messages to call up. For those who think I was simply unwilling to respoind, forget it - I didn't respond because I couldn't read what they had to say. No how, now way.
    Maybe someone here can let me in on the secret of calling those messages up. There were no previous messages that had a "replies" tab for me to go to. Apparently Yahoo no longer caters to those like me with bare bones computers that don't have all of the bells and whistles. But wouldn't you think that if a response was posted that I'd be able to call it up?

    Yahoo's new format takes a lot of the fun out of posting as far as I'm concerned. I like to know at a glance who posted the last message in a thread and I certainly like to be able to read all of the messages in q thread if I want to.

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    • Hi Jackass, sorry to see that you are still wasting O2 and twinkies. But I am very pleased that you are unable to glean the information that you desire. As one of your many, many, many bettors, I salute Yahoo for scrambling your puny intellect with such a minor change.

      I hate you, and I will be very happy when/if I hear that you are dead. Maybe I will e-mail Mark and ask him if you are truly dead.

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      • Here is an excerpt from your post:

        As one of your many, many, many bettors, I salute Yahoo for scrambling your puny intellect with such a minor change.

        You say that you are one of my many bettOrs? That's a hot one. Hopefully you are betting on me instead of against me. Say - are you also a horse-race bettOr ir is Texas Hold -Em more your style? HAHAHA!.

        By the way, my younger brother is far too busy these days trying to spend all the money I'm earning for him to pay any attention at all to crank e-mails from strangers. Just two weeks ago he closed on buying a scenic, lusurious mountain vacation home worth over 400K in Lake Arrowhead. Before I made my remarkable discovery on naked puts, he never could have dreamed of such a purchase.

        I consider myself to be one of the very best percentage wealth creators in the nation; That's why it's highly advisable to be betting with me instead of against me.

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