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  • vicodin_friday vicodin_friday Nov 29, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

    Thank you Pfizer Bank for running the price up. Tomorrow I cash out.

    Starting about an hour after market open I will be selling 100 share lots every 2-3 minutes until 40 lots go off at the bid. Its been a nice run from 19.33.
    You other sheep might want to stay in I see lots of people hacking like they are dying so over the counter stuff might be flying off the shelves in drug stores.
    See you next year in the recession back at 14 then I wll sell 13 puts like hot cakes. Thanks and adios amigos.

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    • You must be nuts!!!! watch for a huge buy order of 400 mil. shares of PFE next week.PFE is going to poor 10 bil dollars for their stock repurchase plus they are going to raise the dividend to a dollar.
      Wrong time to get out.

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      • Read between the lines. They get an 11 billion dollar check and what do they do? Do they talk about expansion, more R&D, investing in something that will bring value. NO they are going to buy back shares. WHY, probably becuase they see a grim future and know they have to support the price. Since 2004, Pfizer has used a repulsive 32 billion dollars to repurchase stock. In 2004 their EPS was $1.49 and now they are $1.11 as of the most recent quarter. To make things worse, they are buy shares back right around the 52 week high. IMO they are bracing for worse things to come. Go to cafepharma and see what the employees are saying. Go to the "boards" then "company" and look up Pfizer. They just had a conference call today about all the sales reps they are going to lay off this year due to poor sales and losing products. The insiders are real and they are loosing their jobs. This is a defensive play by Pfizer, not a value play for the shareholders.

    • Hey dejpuj8, take a chill. Relax. In this day in age, PFE is a great stock to own and their repurchase plan is quite strong.Not to mention current dividend yeild and future increases amongst many other positives. Stock value will maintain and increase in current value.Also, don't forget about the millions of additional customers Pfizer will deliver medicine to through Obama care. Where else do you want to be?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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