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  • pebble.ubetcha pebble.ubetcha Jan 15, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    one more time


    i'll shorten it and then i'm done

    someone (his msg deleted also) suggested i KNEW who certain peope were.

    my deleted response:

    sorry; but i've never made any accusations about who might be whom (aliases, etc) unless someone should stupidly "slip on a banana peel" and post a msg that demonstrably shows he posted using the wrong name.
    i've posted such evidence on this board and others in the past. i've had my suspicions lately but, without proof, i've kept "MY" BFM shut about it.

    but what i'd REALLY like to see is to have BUBBLES come in here and tell us more about just who are those "co-workers" on this board he claimed to have. and to that i would add that none of those "co-workers" of his seem to be willing to come forward and identify themselves. either. WHY IS THAT???


    This topic is deleted.
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