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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Jan 27, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Question for the Fat & Stupid One

    Did you know that the LAND alone is worth almost 2/3 of the 630K appraised value of my place? That's what my latest Los Angeles County tax assessment shows. I have full replacement value for my homeowner's insurance but it would cost only about 225K to completely rebuild the place should it ever burn to the ground. The land alone though is worth north of 400K and that of course is due to the fact that there is a small and fixed percentage of land in this country that enjoys the kind of weather that we have. It's largely the LAND that makes my 1,373-square-foot "mansion" worth the 630K that it is. Don't you wish that you could afford to live where I do?

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    • Prove that it's worth that much. You're the big shot who says he wants to move to Vegas to be near "youngstuff". Sell that hovel, and the selling price will become public record.

      Sell it and repay the money the taxpayers are on the hook for. Go ahead, prove me wrong.

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      • I have said that I wouldn't move to Vegas as long as Hollywood Park still stands and while my best friend is still capable of doing a few things. Another impediment to moving to Vegas has to do with my fast-growing options consulting business. I wonder how potential new investors would feel if there was a Las Vegas address. That city of course is a lot more associated with outright gambling than sophisticated options trading. Lots of folks consider any kind of options trading to be gambling whereas in actual fact, what I do is a lot safer than just buying and holding stocks.

        I know full well that my property is worth every penny that I say it is and you would know that yourself if you were ever in the market for buying a house near where I live. But of course your paltry net worth precludes you from doing that.

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    • Your mom's shack is a scraper. Few buyers would want it. They could get better, new construction of same sq footage for $140K, maybe less in today's depressed building industry.

      That makes your mom's hovel & lot worth at most $550K, assuming anyone would want to keep the falling-down eyesore.

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