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  • heavy_hitter.90210 heavy_hitter.90210 Jan 29, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Real estate lesson for Fatso

    The blocks away sale you report confirms what your betters have taught you, ie that your hovel is worth less than 500 grand. Only a total fool & math #$%$ would imagine that your mom's dilapidated shack, butchered into two units, with a ramshackle, jerry-built Mexican style lean-to attached, is equal in value to the property sold for $798K.

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    • The picture of the house on Westlawn that was sold for 798K looks very much like my place. Many of the houses in the Kentwood area built in 1943 and 1944 were largely tract houses and there isn't that much difference between many of them. My house is a little more centrally located than the one on Westlawn and is probably worth a little more.

      I'm sorry that it doesn't sit well with you that I now live in 800-grand digs but facts are facts. OK - you can go back to shoveling snow now that you are truly aware of the worth of my property.

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      • Ruffturd's intent is to degrade you in ever which way he can. He's been doing it ever since I've been here and it will never change. You have always been head and shoulders above him in anything that was discussed and that proved to be most distasteful to him. He now tries to get under your skin with platitudes. His attitude has always been that you know nothing and he knows it all.

        He's also very much aware that your predictions of three or four years ago are turning out to be facts today. That doesn't sit very well with him when he distinctly remembers forecasting Pfizer to be in the area of 16.00$ per share by 2015.

        Why don't you send him back to the Ionian sea where he belongs?

      • It's bigger, better, excellently remodeled & has a four-car garage. All told, it's at least 300 grand more valuable than your mom's hovel.

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