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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Mar 16, 2013 11:54 PM Flag

    Pfizer portfolio update

    12/31/10 - 262,215 - ($17.51) Year-end 2010 close
    12/31/11 - 481,195 - ($21.64) Year-end 2011 close
    12/31/12 - 701,950 - ($25.08) Year-end 2012 close

    01/02 - 738,225 - ($25.91) RSI 63.2, first trading day of the year
    01/03 - 737,125 - ($25.85) RSI 61.8, low 2013 stock close and valuation to date
    01/29 - 776,115 - ($27.70) RSI 73.4
    01/30 - 772,670 - ($27.51) RSI 73.9, ex-dividend 24 cents, sold 70% of Pfizer holdings
    02/01 - 773,220 - ($27.63) RSI 71.8, Zoetis IPO
    02/07 - 769,115 - ($26.96) RSI 55.7, bought back 1/3 of amount sold on 1/30
    02/19 - 780,725 - ($27.71) RSI 65.2
    02/25 - 767,985 - ($26.84) RSI 48.2, low 2013 RSI closing reading to date
    03/07 - 787,175 - ($28.27) RSI 68.0, highest stock close since Sept. 2006
    03/08 - 787,420 - ($28.19) RSI 66.1
    03/15 - 788,970 - ($28.02) RSI 59.7, all-time high portfolio valuation

    Up 12.4%. 2013 Portfolio gain to date
    Up 12.7%. 2013 Pfizer stock price gain to date including one 24-cent dividend

    Up 09.5%. S & P 500 gain to date (1,426 to 1,561)

    Note: Since the end of 2010, a 60% move in the stock has resulted in a tripling of this portfolio.

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    • Took the Great Circle Route on my way back to the States to visit family & friends. Stopped off in Iceland & Greenland. I'm sure that your molly-coddled, pousse package tour didn't take you to a Viking Age cuisine restaurant, & that even if it did, you were way too much of a big pousse to try the putrid shark, raw pork in whey, wind dried raw cow parts or any of the other wonderful uncooked dishes featured at such spots as the Fjorukrain in Hafnarfjorthur, a southern suburb of Reykjavik.

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      • Last year, I asked the wife of my best friend what her dream trip was. She surprised me by saying that it would be to go to Iceland and Greenland. She doesn't know it yet but I am going to make that trip possible for her - I'll be giving it to her as a gift in 2015 on her 60th birthday which will also be the year of her tenth anniversary. I liked my 2008 trip so much that I'll be going along (separate rooms of course). Her husband unfortunately is a semi-invalid these days and unable to do much traveling.

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      • When I was in Iceland and Greenland in mid-September 2008 at the time that Lehman Bros. went bust, I went to see the sights - not to eat raw fish. A major highlight of my trip to Iceland was a horseback ride in Akureyri where the horse forded a small stream. I had never before ridden a horse that went across water.

        In Greenland, the highlight was walking down from the hotel in Angmassalik to the shore to see close up and personal the incredible blue-hued iceberg that dominated the harbor at the time.

        Iceland was a happy, well-heeled country when I was there but shortly after I got back, I read reports of the country going bankrupt in the wake of the banking meltdown largely occasioned by the Lehman demise. I wonder what things are like there now.

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      • clint_stockwoodzombie clint_stockwoodzombie Mar 18, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

        Ruffturd, please...

        The Great Circle Route consists of 1. Up the stairs, 2. Through the kitchen, 3. into the living room where the fish bowl sits on the mantle, 4. eating one of the fish, 5. going out the door to the trash can, 6. eating some old bacon thrown out by your mommy, 7. into the back yard, 8. yummy, the dog left you a present!, 9. back in the house, 10. back through the kitchen, 11.down the stairs to the basement, to fantasize about your next adventure.

        LMAO---Could you tell me about your many aircraft?

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    • mindless.detractor mindless.detractor Mar 17, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

      All that risk, and you're not even matching a guy who just owns PFE stock.

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      • Of course, he is behind the buy and hold guy that just plods along accumulating real assets. He risks losing far more than his divestments because, as with craps, he doesn't know how to bet.

      • The stock, after going up more than I expected, simply hasn't given very much back and I've been sitting with 27-strike covered calls with the stock at $28. Also, I currently have only about 55% of the Pfizer holdings that I did at the start of the year. But now that I have finally rolled out to 28-strike covered calls on half of my remaining contracts, I should start to outperform percentage gains in the stock.

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