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  • ocaw84 ocaw84 Mar 26, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    Prediction: Chart

    Joe and Clint will follow you, wherever you go, whatever stock you set your eyes upon. Why? They need you! Anyone who has read your posts from TYC, Biovail and PFE, they have followed! So far as I can see, they have failed miserably to rattle your single minded route to making money. Like small children, tugging at the cloak of adult, they have been unrelenting. It's called JEALOUSY! It amuses me to see them clamoring for your attention My prediction is they will follow you to the next board, of course with alias's. Children's direction attention never changes without an adults guidance and goats on ski's? Can't remember where home is when they leave the gym.

    Sipping Texas the Chisos

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    • Thanks for your post: your are probably right - it's unlikely that that unholy pair can be prevented from following me to the BIDU board when the time comes. They sure know how to take a pristine board and utterly ruining it.

      I was in Texas only once in my like - in 1965 as a college kid when I took the bus to see America's first domed stadium which opened that year - the Houston Astrodome which was billed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World." I also saw Dallas and of course saw a lot of the countryside driving in. On that trip, I found something surprising about myself - that I get prairie fever unless there are mountains or at least hills in sight. Unfortunately, most of the parts of Texas that I rode through was just so doggone FLAT. You apparently live in a part of the state that I would enjoy - a part that has mountains. It does appear though to be well off the beaten track. Is there much industry out your way? I've never before known or communicated with anyone within 100 miles of where you are. It sounds great, however.

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      • Hi Chart. The Big Bend Country is not for many. Keep in mind, other than military time, I have spent my life here. Hard country, but I know it and it's people well and that combined make it home for me?

        Good luck on you new endeavor. To succeed in life, one must wish the same for others! That's fact!

        Will the boys follow you? You and I know they will! I say your single minded tenacity will nullify their nipping at your heels.

        By the way. My little story of the box turtle was embellished somewhat. The wife wasn't with me. I did see a box turtle though and i did bring back memories of days ago on TYC board.

        I bid you adieu.

        From West Texas ................Ruff

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